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4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND. 8 (+18)




          When I came back to the living room, Amanda and Bimpe were already there, they’ve changed their outfits and they were smiling broadly with glints in their eyes.

‘What did I miss?’ I asked.

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‘Well the Lagos state governor just declared June 12 a public holiday, and it falls on Monday!’ Tony informed me as Koyin walked into the living room.

‘E be like say I hear person say public holiday now?’ Koyin asked.

‘Yes dear, Monday is a public holiday. Isn’t that nice?’ Lekan asked.


          Nice? The weekend couldn’t get better!!! At least, there would be time to relax and gist about our weekend sexcapades when we get back. It was as if the universe was in support of our adventure. It gave us all the time we needed.

‘If you girls are ready, we are ready.’ Habib said eyeing my hips as I had changed into a short blue gown, which did wonders to my figure.


          They helped us with our small traveling boxes as we headed out. Habib has a Morino, Tony has a BMW, Lekan and Opeyemi both have Benz. After our loads had been stored in our respective date’s cars, the girls and I gathered to say our goodbyes.

‘Ok ladies, this is it, this is where we part. I don’t know what they have planned for us but I sure know it’s going to be fun but remember to call for help if you sense anything wrong or you are not comfortable with him and I’ll come get you. But aside that, do have plenty of fun, remember, you are all beautiful, young, hardworking ladies. Use them this time, no fall my hand oo! I love you girls.’ I said to my friends.

‘I like him so I think I’ll be alright.’ Bimpe said and Koyin and Amanda said;

‘Me too’.

‘Ok then, see you Sunday evening and I want to hear all the details, or else!’ I threatened. We group-hugged and each went in the direction of her dates car.

Habib was by the passenger door holding the door for me.

‘You look gorgeous Sandra. Pray tell me, are you wear the waist chain?’ He asked as I got into the car. I would be crazy not to wear that beautiful piece but he didn’t have to know that.

‘Maybe, maybe not.’ I said smiling as he got behind the wheels. He smiled too and as very drove away, Olamide’s shakiti bobo filled my eardrums.


          It was Sunday evening, the weather was so cool it was like heaven was at peace. I sat in the passenger’s seat, looking out and enjoying my environment and thinking about the wonderful weekend I had. The car was in a comfortable silence, I sneaked a peek at Habib, a smile played on his lips. I believed he was thinking about the weekend we just had, at least, I hope that was what he was thinking about. He handled the power steering with his left hand and he held my left hand in his right hand, rubbing it with his thumb. I felt the sensation, it was not of sex, it was of affection and it warmed my heart. Each time he changed gear, he did it with our hands joined together.

‘Hhmmffnnee.’ I sighed.

‘Are you alright baby?’ He asked as he raised my palm to his lips for a kiss. I looked into his eyes and tears rushed to my eyes as I was overwhelmed by unknown emotions. I blinked it away.

‘I’m fine dear.’ I replied. Five minutes later, he drove into my compound, and both of us were unwilling to get down. He sighed and said;

‘Sandra, I want to thank you for a beautiful weekend. It was what I expected and more. In fact, I’ve not felt like this in a long while. Please think about what I said earlier. I really mean it. Okay?’ He said holding my hands in his.

‘OK, I’ll think about it and also, thank you for the best weekend I’ve had in a long while and all the things you bought for me. Thank you dear.’ I said.

‘That’s nothing, it was my pleasure buying them and I’ll gladly buy more if you want me to.’

‘Arh! These are more than enough. Thank you sir.’ I said smiling.

‘Come here, let me kiss that your sweet lips,’ he said moving his head towards mine. I met him half way, our lips clashed and that electricity I felt throughout the weekend was still there and I must confess, I’ve never felt like this. He chewed on my lips for about a minute, teasing me with his tongue and teeth. I half rose from my seat, drew his head closer with my right hand, steadying his head for my onslaught. I took his lips in my mouth and probed his teeth with my tongue. His hand went to my back, drawing me closer still while my left hand roamed over his face and head. He parted his teeth for me and we tongue-wrestle for a while. We were breathing hard by the time we both came up for air!

‘Are you sure you don’t want to go back to my house and spend the public holiday with me?’ He asked huskily and still holding my hands. I replied in the same tone.

‘I wish I could but I’ve to get ready for work tomorrow. Besides, each day I spend with you will just make parting more difficult.’ He drew my head to his lips and planted a wet kiss on my forehead.

‘Okay, let me help you with your bags then,’ he said.


          We got down from the car and he opened the trunk. Even though I left with just one box, I returned with three boxes which were filled with the things he bought for me during the weekend. One thing was certain, he had help from Demola. We both carried my luggage to the doorstep, I reached for my key in my bag, as I was about to insert it into the keyhole, I noticed it was blocked, that told me someone was home. I panicked a bit. What if one of my friends didn’t have fun and came back early? But I cancelled that thought immediately, all the calls I exchanged with the ladies during the weekend were positive. I turned the knob and it gave way, I went in.


          The living room smelled of food so I was sure Bimpe was around, however it was Amanda who lounged on the sofa watching TV.

‘Eeeeeaaaaaa! Welcome sweetie!’ She screamed standing up and hugging me and Habib.

‘How are you Amanda? How was your weekend?’ Habib asked her.

‘Splendid, how was yours?’ she asked.

‘It was beautiful!’ He said looking and smiling at me.

‘Ok dear, let me be on my way, I’ll call you when I get home, be a good girl.’ He said and kissed me on my lips. I was sure he would have deepened the kiss if not for Amanda’s presence.

‘Be a good boy too, drive safely and don’t forget to call me when you get home.’ I retorted.

‘Yes madam.’ He said, bowed, and walked out of the apartment and I felt this sharp pain as if something very important was walking out of my life!

“How did I get here? I don’t love, I can’t start now.”

“Who are you kidding?” My subconscious asked me. I repressed the thought to the back of my heart and asked my friend instead;

‘When did you get back and who else is here?’

‘I’ve been back since two hours ago, around five sha, I met Bimpe at home, she cooked and went to bed, said no one should wake her. If you ask me, I’ll say she looked well fucked!’ Amanda said. I checked the wall clock, it was 7:30 P:M and suddenly I was very tired too.

‘Na you sabi, you self look over fucked!’ I said yawning ad covering my mouth with the back of my hand.

‘I’m also going to bed but if by nine Koyin is not back, please wake me up.’ Amanda said.

‘Abeg help me carry these loads to my room.’ I begged. My handbag was on my shoulder and I lifted one box, Amanda carried the remaining two and we took it to my room.

‘Thanks love.’ I said.

‘Anytime.’ she replied and left my room.


          I undressed and went to shower, I came out of the bathroom, dried myself and I was very thirsty. I put on my nightgown and headed for the kitchen, I drank water and was about leaving the kitchen when headlights reflected on the kitchen window and I drew the window shade back to peep. It was Koyin being dropped by Opeyemi. I went into the living room and sat down, three minutes later, she entered carrying a box and Ope was behind her carrying another box.

‘Hey girl, welcome home. How was your weekend?’ I asked teasing her. I could see she was shy about it but she said;

‘Fine, I’m okay.’

‘Ope, how are you too, hope you are good?’ I asked.

‘I am more than fine, we had a fun-filled weekend. I almost wished the weekend not to end, thanks for hooking us up.’ He replied.

‘No probs. I’m glad you guys had a nice time. I’m very tired, I’m heading to love my bed, you are the last to come in Koyin so you can lock the door. Opeyemi, goodnight.’ I said stifling a yawn and went into my room.

******************************THE END!**********************

          Just kidding guys! You know I love pulling your legs! 

Tomorrow is going to be very interesting, I can’t wait for the girls to recount their experiences to me and I’m sure you can’t wait to hear it too or can you?





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…To be continued…

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