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          …I settled on his bed with a tray full of biscuits and juice and my crime novel “LEFT TO DIE” by Lisa Jackson. I’ve read it plenty of times but never got tired of it. I skipped through the pages and I was almost in the middle when the bedroom door burst opened! I looked up in surprise because I didn’t hear anyone knocking or coming into the compound for that matter! A beautiful girl stood in front of me, she was more surprised than I was as she stood frozen in the doorway with a mouth ajar. Not another girl! Just how many girls would I have to endure abuse from before this weekend was over? I didn’t know what to do, if to say hello or keep quiet. The girl took three steps into the room still looking stunned and asked rather softly;

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‘Who are you?’

“Who am I?” I asked myself. Habib had been calling me his girlfriend but could I call myself his girlfriend? I closed the novel I was reading carefully and I looked at the girl. This girl didn’t emit any threat, she just looked excited. She didn’t look angry but still, I played it safe.

‘Hi. My name is Sandra. I’m Habib’s friend.’ I said calmly watching her reaction. Her eyes widen and her jaw dropped further away from her lips. Suddenly she screamed;

‘Friend my foot!’ She clapped her hands and came running towards me. I was scared and quickly guide my face with my hands but she jumped on me laughing, hugging me, kissing my face and speaking at the same time.

‘Arh-Arh-Arh! Oh my God! You did it! Arh-Arh-Arh! You have done it! Arh-Arh-Arh! You are upstairs! Arh-Arh-Arh! You are the special one! I’ve to tell mummy! I love you already!’ She crushed me against her body and drew me back abruptly looking straight into my eyes.

‘Do you love him too? Please don’t hurt him.’ I wasn’t that confused, I just wanted to confirm she was who I suspected to be.

‘Please wait! Who are you?’

‘Do you mean he hasn’t told you about me? I will kill him! To think he even hid you from me all these time you guys have been dating! I will kill him!’ She feigned anger but quickly smiled at me.

‘My name is Mariam and I’m his one and only sister!’ She announced with pride and pulled me into another hug. I hugged her back.

‘I’m happy to meet you Mariam and in his defense, he has told me about you but he didn’t show me a picture. So please don’t kill him.’ I said smiling.

‘Awww! You are defending him! That’s cute but answer my question first. Do you love him too?’

‘He hasn’t told me he loves me, Mariam… And I’m not sure if this is love. Everything is happening too fast. I don’t know.’

‘Now listen to me, Sandra. Never have I met a girl at my brother’s house without him being here, he doesn’t trust them. Most importantly, never ever has any girl climbed these stairs and slept in his bed! So I’m telling you authoritatively that my brother is in love with you!’ She said factually. I smiled and told her;

‘Let’s wait for him to declare his affection before we declare it for him. Okay?’

‘Nothing for him to declare, he’s in love with you. Oya tell me about you!’ She said dragging me away from the bed and I almost lost my balance. This girl has a lot of energy and she could talk but she was nice and pleasant. Even though she asked me to talk about myself, she did most of the talking. She began talking about herself and her family.

‘You know what?’ She asked. I smiled shaking my head.

‘Let’s go for a swim!’

‘A swim? But Habib is not here!’

‘It doesn’t matter! We will leave him a note. I tried calling him he wasn’t picking. Please, I don’t want to go alone. You are safe with me!’ She purred like a cat. What could I do? What were my opinions? I didn’t want to piss off my new best friend and I didn’t want to offend Habib. I decided to go with the sister. I told her to let me get my kit and she told me to join her in the car. I called Habib, he wasn’t picking my calls either. I quickly sent him a text.

“Sup bea. Your sister is amazing! We are off to the pool. I don’t know the location yet. I miss you. Don’t forget the ice cream…”


          The pool was very big and neat. The poolside was a bit crowded with people but the pool itself had two people in it.

‘Let’s go change sweety!’ Mariam told me moving towards the changing room.

‘I will join you soon. I’m trying to reach Habib.’

‘Okay lover girl!’ Habib wasn’t picking still. A part of me was a bit scared for him but I pushed the fear to the back of my head. I wanted to text him the location but I didn’t know the address so I went to the changing room. As I was changing I asked casually;

‘What’s this place called?’ Mariam had finished dressing by then and she looked at me smiling.

‘Don’t worry! He knows where to find us.’ She pulled my ear as she passed me by. She was just too lovely for me to be offended at anything she did! I wore my kit and took a shower. I stepped on the poolside and all eyes turned towards me. Some whistled, some clapped and some people just stared. I used to love the attention my hips and ass brought me but I was shy this time. I walked gently towards Mariam hoping my gigantic backyard wouldn’t sway, it was useless. Mariam who was also staring at my figure openly awed kept on giggling like a baby.

‘What’s funny?’ I asked her somewhat embarrassed.

‘Now I see what my brother saw! You have a figure to die for!’

‘It’s embarrassing jor! They are all staring!’

‘Let them stare! I’m glad it’s my brother’s!’ And she smacked my ass and jumped into the pool. I gasped!

‘No you didn’t!’ I said and dived after her.


          We really had fun showing off our skills, competing with the people in the pool and between ourselves. We decided to show our diving skills. The plan was to dive in from the deep end and come out from the shallow end without surfacing. We jumped and we swam. She was really a good swimmer and she reached the finished line way before me. I thought she would be jubilating but the pool was quiet. I quickly raised my head and Habib’s eyes shone into mine. Well, Mariam was right! He knew where to find us!


         He was holding two towels. He smiled at me, it didn’t reach his eyes. I looked at Mariam who winked at me before smiling for her brother. He gave her the killer look, she shrugged and pulled me along with her out of the pool. Habib gave her one towel and he wrapped me with the second towel dropping his lips on mine. I thought it was just going to be a lip kiss but I was wrong! He pulled me closer and kissed me furiously. Why was he angry? Then the kiss softened and it was like an apology for the hard kiss he first gave me. I kissed him back and wrapped my arms around his neck then we heard from Mariam;

‘Come on! This is a public place! Get a room!’ Habib gently released my lips and brought his mouth to my ear.

‘I saw the reactions of the guys and I heard their comments as you dived into the water. Don’t make me jealous like that,’ and he kissed my ear and pulled away from me turning to his sister. I got what his anger was all about but how was I supposed to know he was watching but didn’t like other guys staring at my hips! He redirected his gaze towards his sister and was about saying something when she raised up her hands and said;

‘Before you say anything, I’m sorry! Don’t be angry!’ She pouted and made baby eyes at her brother. Habib physically relaxed and then I understood how charming Mariam could be! He smiled at her shaking his head.

‘Will you hug me too now?’ Mariam asked softly, pretending to be sorry, which we both knew she wasn’t! Habib was reluctant to release my hands but I removed my hands from his hands so he could hug his sister properly. He opened his arms and she walked into it. They loved each other, it was clear. I made a mental note never to get into the blacklist of Mariam. I could see he was saying something in her ears but I couldn’t hear them. Mariam pulled away and said;

‘Okay! I won’t do it again.’ Then he grabbed me and pulled me to his side.

‘I see you girls have met each other but let me properly introduce you. Sandra, this is Mariam, my stubborn mischievous sister. Mariam, this is my lovely girlfriend, Sandra. She has been obedient so far, please don’t corrupt her!’ He said and we all laughed but something in his voice led me to believe he was serious about his last statement.

‘Do you girls still want to stay or go home?’ He asked. Mariam and I looked at each other then look at him, I allowed her to make the decision and she read my heart right.

‘Home sir.’

‘Good. Baby, do you want to go home?’ He asked me still. I felt so special.

‘Yes please.’

‘Any bills?’

‘We’ve not taking anything. We were going to other after swim.’ Mariam answered him.

‘You took my baby out to starve her?’ He questioned. At that moment I shivered. He was distracted and he dropped the question. I saw Mairam shook her head murmuring something. He drew me closer and escorted us to the female changing room placing his hands on my lower hips. He was claiming his territory. I felt owned.


          We drove home amidst Mariam’s chatters and Habib complaining our wet hair was staining his car. Mariam filled him on her life and what was happening with their parents. I kept quiet and listened. Habib smiled at me occasionally and Mariam would drag me into the discussion when she needed my backing. Mariam jumped out of the car the moment we got home and left Habib and me in the car. I wanted to get down too but he drew me back. I quickly defended myself before he turned on me.

‘I tried to call you but you weren’t picking and I sent you a text. I wanted to tell you where we were but she said you would know where to find us. I’m very sorry.’ I pleaded but to my surprise, he laughed into my face and kissed me.

‘I’m not angry you went out with my sister! Come on. I’m very happy she loves you. I was just scared she would have given you a though time and I wasn’t there to bail you out. She is hard to say no to and she’s obsessed with water! So what did you think when you saw her?’ He asked and I narrated our encounter to him.

‘So why were you angry at the pool?’ I asked even though I knew.

‘Arh! I almost had a heart attack when I saw you dived and your ass shot up in the air! All the guys were looking at you and wishing you were theirs! Many guys would have asked for your number if I didn’t get there on time!’ He said looking truly pained. My inner goddess was dancing awilo with joy.

‘Mariam would have chased them away. She thinks you love me.’ The last statement slipped away from my lips! I didn’t mean to say that out loud. He looked at me with seriousness then asked;

‘What do you think?’ I wanted to say “I don’t know” but that would be a lie!

‘I think you like me very much!’ And I dropped a kiss on his forehead. He smiled and we got out of the car.


          Mariam was not in view when we got into the house and we headed straight for his bedroom. I was cold and I needed to get the chlorine out of my skin. I told Habib I wanted to get a hot shower and I would be back soon. He looked like he wanted to join me but he didn’t. I guessed he was conscious of his sister being in the house. Habib was working on his laptop when I came out of the bathroom. He eyed me admiringly and my vagina became wet. I walked to the wardrobe shaking my ass.

‘You can’t kill me. Do you want me to dry your hair?’ He asked. I put on a knee-length gown before facing him.

‘Yes please. Should…’ I was saying when the door opened and Mariam walked in.

‘Can’t you knock?’ Habib asked and Mariam looked sincerely sorry. She wasn’t used to knocking so I understood.

‘I’m sorry. Come and dry my hair.’ She said walking towards the drawer where the hairdryer was. Habib looked at me and was about saying something to Mariam when I spoke up.

‘I need to make some calls. Excuse me please.’ I picked up my phone and was about leaving when Mariam asked;

‘Won’t you dry your hair too?’ I smiled at her and said;

‘I will after you. I really need to make this call now.’ She sat on the chair and said;

‘Okay.’ I left the bedroom winking at Habib. Like I said before, I didn’t want to get into Mariam’s book of wrongs.


          Swimming could be tiring and I was tired. I didn’t know when I dozed off on the couch. Mariam woke me up gentle and told me she was leaving. So fast?

‘So fast? Aren’t you sleeping over?’ I asked standing up.

‘No! I have a date with my boyfriend! Let’s exchange pin and numbers.’ She said and we did moving towards the door. She opened the door and pulled me outside with her. Hugging me she said;

‘I’m so very glad to meet you! I hope we will be friends forever. Please don’t break his heart. He’s crazy about you.’

‘I will try…’ I said and she released me. I watched her get into the car and as I was turning back she honked and I looked back.

‘Thank you for letting me dry my hair first! Next time I won’t come between you guys!’ She shouted from the car and drove off. I laughed and went into the house. So she knew I gave up my spot for her!

I entered the sitting room and Habib was standing holding a bowl of ice cream in one hand and the hairdryer in the other hand.

‘Ice cream or hairdryer? Which do you want first?’ He asked and I knew what I chose didn’t matter, we were going to end up in his bed either way. I chose the ice cream.

My hair can wait, my pussy can’t.


          That was the highlight of my weekend but the sexual experience I enjoyed most was our kitchen episode. You girls know I don’t cook for any man but because he was special, I decided to cook for my boo.








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…To be continued…

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