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#FlashBack SPIKES & SPARKLES 3 (+18)

          The alarm went off at 5:30 am and its chipping woke Funmi up, she opened her eyes slowly and a smile crossed her face. Waking up every morning to cook and prepare her children for school was the highlight of her day. She looked beside her, her husband was still asleep or pretending to be asleep, she thought. She went to the kitchen and started preparing breakfast. After putting all her ingredient in the pot, she went into her children’s rooms. Richard her first-born was the most difficult to wake so she went to his room first. She opened the door gently, leaned against the door frame and watched her son. She smiled broadly, he was tangled up in between the sheet. He slept face down, the pillow was over his head, one hand was under the pillow as well, the other on the duvet, his legs was everywhere. Just like his father! She thought and the smile disappeared from her face. She walked into the room and began the tedious process of waking up her son.

‘Wake up sunshine, wakie wakie.
‘ She cajoled softly as she shook Richard to consciousness. He murmured jargons and burrowed deeper into the bed. She knew she had to drag him out of bed. She uncovered his head and body and dragged him out of the bed into the bathroom. Once water touched his head, he became fully awake.

‘Aww mommy, it’s cold!’
He grudged.

‘I know baby but it’s the only thing that can get you up.’ She said to him lovingly and pull at his ear playfully. They both laughed.

‘Good morning mummy,’ he said to his mother and she replied,

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‘Good morning baby,’ they exchanged kisses and hugs.

‘Lay your bed and go greet your daddy.’ She told her son.

‘Yes mummy.‘ He said. Funmi opened the adjacent door to Richard’s, that was the room of her daughters. Her daughters were early risers, they might be awake already.

‘Good morning, my babies, how do you do, good morning, I greet you, it’s time to go to school!’ She sang to her daughters as she walked into the room, the girls giggled and joined her in their morning anthem.

‘Good morning my babies, how was your night? Good morning, my babies, it would be a beautiful day…’ They finished together and by then she was at their bed foot. The girls pulled their unsuspecting mother on their bed and strangled her with hugs and kisses, she laughed while she waved them off.

‘You girls are too naughty! Leave me jor. Go greet your daddy then I will come bathe you.’ 

‘Nooooo! Daddy will bath for usssss.’ The girls said giggling, running off to their parents room. She straightened their beds while she thanked God for her children, if not for them, she would have gone crazy and so unhappy! She went back to the kitchen to check on the food she was cooking.
As the girls were coming out of their room, they collided with their brother who tickled them before running off, the girls were at his heels. Seyi heard their laughter and running feet before they busted into his room, he prepared himself for the loving assault coming his way but the force of three children jumping on him was nothing to prepare for. They pinched him, tickled him and playfully swatted him. He pretended to be in pains but they laughed at him, until he said,

‘Ok guys! It’s enough!’
He said it several times before they stopped their assault on him.

‘Good morning daddy!’ They all chorused.

‘Good morning warriors!’ He said and they all giggled.

‘Oya you people should go and meet your mummy to get you ready for school.’

‘No daddy! It’s you we want!’ Queen told him, he started to say no but the girls have the bargaining chip to make the deal work; tears! They started shedding crocodile tears though he knew they were just blackmailing him, he succumbed to their wishes.

‘Ok, ok, ok, just today oo!’
He said and the girls ran to their room dragging their father along, Richard went to his room to bathe himself, he’s a big boy after all, that was what the eight-year-old always claimed!




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…To be continued…
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 Written and edited by Olatorera 
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