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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or localies is entirely coincidental. 

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          WHAT happens to friends, families and lovers that they turn strangers, where do the feelings go? Whatever happened to all their affections for each other? Looking from outside, everything seems perfect with the Olorunda family. The smiles on the family’s faces were always there, they were amiable, their children were peaceful and they were wonderful neighbors but deep in the heart of this family, everything was not alright, in fact, all was not well. Funmi, a beautiful slim fair woman of 34 years old is the mother and wife in this family while Seyi an attractive tall dark man is the husband and father. They have three children, a boy, and two girls namely Richard, Queen and Precious respectively. They both came from rich families but they are also both hardworking people who had made their own money. They had met 11 years ago at one of the parties the rich folks organised and hoped to matchmake their children, it had worked for a few, amongst them Funmi and Seyi.

‘Arh! Thank goodness, some alone time at last. God knows I could murder the next spoilt rich kid that thinks he can woo me with his father’s money!’ Funmi said to herself as she entered her father’s library. 
          She was about to sit on his lovely couch when she caught a movement behind her father’s table, she jumped up thoroughly scared out of her wit. Seeing a stranger in her father’s library was very uncommon in fact it had never happened, it had been her sanctuary whenever she needed to get away from a party or any unpleasant visitor in her house. She stared at the handsome stranger some few spaces away, she took his appearance in to determine if she was in any danger, she felt safe. She was about to ask him what his business was in her father’s library when he offered one himself.
‘I’m sorry dear, I didn’t mean to scare you or wandered about your home but I needed a break from all the girls being thrown at me.’ He smiled at her hoping she would understand. She smiled back, understanding perfectly well how he felt. However, she threw jibes at him.
‘So ladies throw themselves at you, hun? How come I’ve not seen you at my party?’ She asked taking a seat on the couch. Seyi walked towards her and rested his back against the library table before answering her.
‘Well, I overheard you saying the same thing when you entered, obviously we are both running away from our matchmaking parents and their eager daughters and sons in your case!’ They both laughed at the statement.
‘Hi, my name is a Seyi Olorunda.’
‘I’m Funmi Davies,’ and that was how their friendship started. Within months of friendship, they both wanted more. They were alike in so many ways but also different in their personality. They liked the same food, the same colors, came from the same background and most importantly, they had the blessing of their parents. The marriage bell rang and they answered the call, by the end of a year courting, they were Mr. and Mrs. Olorunda. 
          The early days of their marriage was so romantic, it was full of random sex in unconventional places in and out of the house. They could communicate with each other in a room full of people without talking, like the Christmas they had spent in Seyi’s family house. The cousins, nephew, aunts, uncles, in-laws, all kind of relations and friends were around! The newlyweds were horny but the crowd was too much for them. The husband looked at his bored wife’s face across the room, she rolled her eyes at him and threw her hands around her. Seyi shrugged at his wife. Funmi looked him straight in the eyes and traced her tongue along the tips of her lips. She half cast her eyelids but made sure it stayed on her husband face, she drew in her lower lips into her mouth slowly and bit on it gently. By the time she raised her eyes back to her husband’s eyes, he was steaming with desire. She flashed him a smile and kept on with the seduction. She removed her eyes from her husband’s gaze knowing fully well that he was watching her every move. She casually surveyed her surroundings and everybody seems to be preoccupied, satisfied no one was paying attention to her, she moved to the next stage of her seduction. 
          She loosen the top two buttons of her shirt and fanned herself with the little flap it made, the room was fully air conditioned, there was no heat. Seyi glared at his wife across the room, he thought ‘what the devil is she doing?’ He quickly looked around to make sure no one was watching his wife, nobody was, he settled his gaze on her again. She put her right pinky finger in her mouth and sucked on it, she drew it in and out of her mouth and rolled her tongue around it. She stole a look at her hubby, the desire was written all over him but she wasn’t through with him, yet. She traced her neck down to her chest with her left forefinger. When she reached the swell of her breast, she spread her fingers across it and dipped into her bra. Seyi couldn’t take it anymore, he dashed to the other side of the room like lightning. He grabbed his wife’s wrist and practically and not to gentle dragged her out of the room. They raced together to the back of the house where the store was, he kicked the door open and drew his wife inside. 

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To be continued…
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