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          Meetings, meetings, meetings! I hate Monday mornings! The administration people can talk! Then the marketing people will tell us their progress and the companies they have brought in. Then the M.D will ask us for observations, suggestions, problems and solutions! Some people who always want to let us know they are important to the company will talk. They will talk and talk oo, until the Oga himself gets tired! Then he will dismiss us but that is after we have spent two hours talking oo. However, this week’s meeting is over and the gossips are about to begin. I’m the public relations officer of my company and I’ve an office to myself. If you want the correct gossips in and around the office, then you have to be my friend or pretend to be ( I know all those who pretend oo)! You know why? Everybody talks to me and that makes me the custodian and guardian of secrets in the office.


          So one by one they report to my office, dropping information in hope of hearing other people’s secrets. Well, I always play fair or try to at least. Mr. Akin is the first to enter. They say women gossip a lot but from where I stand, men do it more!


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‘Rose rose! How are you? How was your weekend? I heard you were sick last Friday, how do you feel now?’ He bombarded me with questions.

‘Arh, Mr. Akin, which of your questions do I answer first now? Anyway, I’m better; I just needed to rest small.’ I assured him.

‘Something happened in the office on Friday oo!’ He told me sitting down on my table. I drew closer to him.

‘Gist me.’ I said

‘We now have a new MD! You know he was brought in from South Africa…’ He was saying when the door flew opened. My office criminal partner breezed into my office. Mr. Akin rolled his eyes at us before leaving my office. He knew his time was over. Chioma walked around my table and sat on it and was facing me directly. I sat back into my chair. You see, with Chioma, you just have to let her have her say. She would start a conversation and finish it by herself unless she wanted or needed you to contribute.

‘Babes, I miss you die! Friday without you was boring enh! You don hear?’ She asked. I shook my head, she continued.

‘We don get new admin! The guy can be fine! Arh! I must enter am by fire by force oo! I heard he’s from Southy, is it true?’ She asked me. How was I supposed to know? She didn’t even wait for me to say so, she continued.

‘Anyways, wherever hin like make hin come from, it doesn’t matter at all!’ She concluded. I gave her three seconds; she didn’t talk, so I spoke.

‘So what’s the guy’s name and where’s his office?’ I asked my informant.

‘Mr Steven. I hope the down part of his body is as stiff as his name. Steven…’ She called the name caressing it softly on her lips, I thought she had forgotten the second question but she answered me after all.

‘The former admin office na.’ She declared making me feel like I had asked a foolish question. She clapped her hands like she just remembered something.

‘Oh girl! You remember Alhaji?’ She asked.

‘Which of the Alhajis’?’ I asked and it earned me a scornful look for two seconds.

‘Alhaji now, oga’s friend wey dey pursue me for up and down.’ She reminded me.

‘Okay! So what about him?’ I asked.

‘I fucked him on Saturday!’ She declared and I widened my eyes at her!



Sometimes I feel like Chioma is pursuing my records. The girl just wants to be like me but she is playing the game the wrong way! I mean, you have to know who to fuck and who not to fuck; you also have to know when to fuck them. She isn’t supposed to sleep with Alhaji, and if at all she wants to fuck him, it is too early! The man hasn’t even chased her for two weeks!

I made a mental note to school her on this later but right now I wanted to hear about her sexcapade.

          ‘I was here oo, minding my business on Friday when he came to see Oga. He said he has a big gift for me that I should give him my home address, though I was suspicious oo but I gave him anyways, I too like freebies. So on Saturday morning, I was watching a movie when the gateman sent words that I have visitors waiting for me outside the gate. Guess who was outside? I thought he brought the gift himself but I didn’t see anything. I asked him to come in but he told me to get into the car to go and get the gifts instead. So I got into the car oo. True to his words he took me to this very big electronics store. He told me to choose three things I like. I asked, “che anything,” he said “anything.” My dear, as an original omo Ibo, I took a Samsung plasma TV, 35 inches, a Kenwood microwave and a LG watching machine. I gave my address to the shop and the promised to deliver it on Sunday unfailing, which was yesterday, and they did. As I dey pick the things me self don know say na to go fuck remain.”

A knock on my door stopped the gist. She quickly stood up from my table and moved to the visitor’s end. I said ‘come in,’ and the person entered, it was the receptionist.


‘Good morning Miss Rose. Mr. Steven, the new administrator will like to see you in his office ma.’ She informed me.

‘Good morning, thank you.’ I said and she left my office.

‘We will continue this during lunch. Let me go and see this man everyone has been gushing about?’

‘Everyone ke? You mean I am not the only one planning to fuck him? Abeg tell me, who else?’

‘I will tell you when I have the full details! Let me go and see him first!’

‘Babes, remember he’s mine oo.’ She said. I looked at her with a question in my eyes.

‘Like you can stop me if I want him.’ I stated and she rolled her eyes at me.

‘Yeah! I know but if you get to him before I do, shop remain for me.’ She said laughing and left my office.

Actually I do not answer to anybody except the boss himself so I couldn’t fathom why the new guy wanted to see me but I would give him benefit of doubt and pray for his sake that he doesn’t have ideas about bossing me.

I checked my makeup, touched up, popped my breast higher, spray some perfume on my hands and neck and walked out of my office.



          You know the kind of beauty that hit you? The kind you look, blink and look again? You know abi? That was the kind of beauty I saw when I laid my eyes on Mr. Steven. Thank God I’ve mastered the act of masking my expression and feelings! I could have raped the man there and then but I swallowed and flashed him a harmless smile. He smiled back assessing me from head to toe.

‘Hello, Miss Rose I presume?’ He asked extending his hands towards me, I took it. It was so soft! Not like a man’s at all. Surely this guy has never done any heavy lifting or punching in his life.

‘Yes, the one and only and you are the famous Mr. Steven everyone has been talking about.’ I informed him. He tucked in his hands into his pockets and that gesture has never been that sexy! He walked to his seat saying,

‘Is that so? So what are they saying? Good or bad?’ He inquired, before I could reply him he said,

‘Please sit down.’ I did and he sat down too.

‘Well, the girls are interested, the boys are not.’ I informed him and he blew out a rich deep laughter from his throat, it was so masculine but yet soft. God help me with this man oo.

‘You asked for me?’ I said.

‘Yes I did, I’ve met everybody except you and you and I will be working a whole lot together. Since you are also the P.R.O, you have to put me through on some things, or don’t you think so?’ He stated.

‘Sure, let me know when you are free so I can bring you to speed on the company.’ I replied.

‘Thank you, I look forward to working with you Miss Rose.’

‘Same here Mr. Steven.’ We shook hands once more and I left his office. I could feel his gaze burning into my back as I walked away.

Lunch break meant gossip time in my office. A knock landed on my door as I was clearing my table to go to lunch.

‘Yes come in.’ I said looking up. It was Mr. Steven.

‘Hello again.’ He said flashing that gorgeous smile of his. Hope this guy no be workaholic sha? I hope he hasn’t come to take over my lunch break.

‘Mr. Steven, what may I do for you?’ I asked in a not too friendly voice.

‘I was hoping you could show me where to eat good meals around here.’ He said. Hmmmmm, is he asking me to lunch already? You are going to work harder bro! I thought to myself.

‘Oh, I wish, but I can’t today, let’s see before the week runs out, but let me write you a description…’ I said writing down an address to a good restaurant that was not far from our office. He thanked me and left, Chioma came in some seconds after, she must have seen him?



‘Hmmmm! Babes! Really? You got this man after you in less than a day without making an effort and here I am trying every tactic I know in the book of seduction! Nawa for you oo. How do you do it?’ She asked, I just smiled and asked her to lunch so we could finish the gist about Alhaji. We took my car and she continued as I eased the car out of the office compound.

‘To cut the long story short, Alhaji took me to a hotel, he didn’t even ask for my consent!’ She said that laughing.

‘Which consent again? As you dey buy everything you no know say na your pussy you go take pay?’ I said laughing too.

‘My sister, I kuku know. Since he was going to fuck me anyway, I ordered the most expensive food on the menu and a bottle of champagne, na there I come know say Alhaji get money oo, he no even shake body as the waitress give am the bill! Anyways, we shop finish oo, and it was time to fuck. I made him bath and I did the same after him.’ She said as we got down from the car. We settled in a corner in the restaurant where we would have privacy. We ordered our meal and continued the gist as soon as the girl dropped our food.

‘Rose, never in my life will I assume or say fat or short men don’t have dick or stamina! It’s not all of them oo. Arh Alhaji! If you see his dick enh? Hmmmm! As I see am like this I became wet instanta! A big smile crossed my face, nothing like a rich man with a good dick oo.’ She narrated breaking in between to eat. I could feel some uneasiness between my thighs; I rubbed them together to get rid of it. Chioma continued her tale.

‘I stood with my back against the bathroom door admiring the view as he lay nude on the bed, me I still have the towel wrapped around me. He said,

“Come on girl, come and treat daddy well as he had treated you today.” I dropped the towel and watched his dick sprang to life, it grows longer and larger with every step I took towards him. I got in between his legs and spread it wider. I asked him,

“What do you want Alhaji?” Before he could answer I grabbed his dick in one hand and his balls in the other, his breath seized for some seconds. He told me to stop calling him Alhaji and call him baby and talk dirty.’ She paused to drink and I took the opportunity to comment. I said,

‘I always knew that guy was a pervert, baby indeed.’ We both giggled meanwhile the wetness between my legs was growing damper. Chioma continued her story.

‘I rubbed and caress his dick and balls and watched him as he wiggled on the bed, I told him to tell me what he want, and he responded with the reply every guy answers with on the bed!’

‘SUCK MY DICK!’ We chorused together a bit louder and this earned us a few glances, we laughed. I checked my wristwatch; we had just five minutes left. We would have to continue the discussion in the car. As I was about to call for the bill I noticed a handsome man sitting by the bar looking at our table at intervals, our gaze caught, I made sure he dropped his first, I smiled! I’m a crazy bitch for control! Chioma stared at me trying to decipher why I was smiling. I weaved the waitress to my side.




‘Can I have the bill, please?’ I asked.

‘Yes ma but it has already been paid for.’ She informed me. I think I have an idea of who the Good Samaritan was, and I wasn’t really surprised, men pay my bills often. They like to think they are taking care of girls when they see you dine alone. I smiled at the girl and kept smiling as I asked,

‘Sweetheart, I’m going to ask you who paid the bill but I don’t want you to look at him or point, just describe where he’s sitting and what he’s wearing, clear?’ The girl nodded and said,

‘He’s sitting by the bar facing the TV in a black suit.’ She said and my guess was right. I said my thanks and gave a #500 tip. Chioma head was turning to look at the guy but I touched her arm and shook my head.

‘But why!’ She asked clearly not happy with my decision.

‘Dear, you don’t want to drool over him; and even if you do, you don’t want him to know! He paid the bills, so what? If he wants the contact let him come and get it.’ I explained to the displeasure of my friend.

‘Okay, I get, but please let me just glance at him for two seconds, at least to register the face, please!’ She pleaded like her well-being depended on it. I truly understood how she felt. I obliged her, only we had to do it in style.

‘Okay chick, I understand but you have to do it coded oo. You have two options,’ I said raising up two fingers, she nodded like an obedient child. I continued,

‘It’s either you hold up your mirror like you want to makeup and use that to look at him or you leave your phone on the table and look at him when you come back for it,’ I told her. She brought out her mirror and stole a look at him while I busied myself with my phone. I had to kick her under the table before she dropped the mirror.

‘Gurl! That’s a fine ass young man!’ She confirmed.

‘Yes he is; can we go now?’ I practically pulled her out of the chair. I caught the look of disbelief on the Good Samaritan’s face as we walked away without a glance to him. I smiled because I’ve just raised the chasing game bar. I walked in Chioma’s front but few seconds later I couldn’t find her again, I turned around in time to see her took her phone from the table, I shook my head smiling, I guess one look wasn’t enough for her after all. I had the car running by the time she joined me, I didn’t bother commenting on her mischief, I was more interested in the sex gist.

‘Babe abeg continue your gist, office is calling oo.’ I urged her.



‘I bent over his dick and sucked! I went up and down on his dick for like five times then I took his full dick into my throat. He would groan whenever I do this. I would lick his cap for seconds, blow air on it then take it all in and start all over again. He held my head trying to fuck my mouth harder. I stopped sucking him before he could come and make my pussy lose out on the action. I climbed him and bent forward, thrusting my boobs into his face, he put one nipple in his mouth and fondled the other breast, I poured softly. I rode him slowly at first because I was enjoying his mouth and fingers massaging my nipples but I also needed his dick to fill me up, so I sat up on his dick and rode him like a cowgirl on a fast horse! I held my breast and squeezed it as I felt my pussy walls closed up on his dick.

“I’m coming baby!” I screamed. He grabbed my waist and pounded into me faster and harder.

“Aaaiiissshhhhheeee, eeeeeaaaaaooooo, yyyeeeeaaashh!’ I moaned convulsing against his dick and chest. He held me to his chest but he never stopped pounding. He turned me over and fucked my brains out. I rubbed my clitoris as he pounded into me, he was moaning away in language only he could understand. Four minutes later I felt him coming, I increased the tempo on my clitoris and I came two seconds before he came grunting like a pig!’ She said and I mistakenly marched the break as I tried to rub my legs together to get rid of the tingling sensation biting my clitoris; that earned me a few horns blowing and cursing before I could get my breath under control. I cleared my throat.

‘Gnmgnm, that was an experience considering the fact that Alhaji is an old and fat man. Na just once he fucked you?’ I asked. She laughed before answering me.

‘You wan make I commit murder ni?’ We giggled again as I got down from the car, the wetness between my legs was so much I could barely walk. I walked fast to my office; I nodded at everyone’s greetings. I didn’t even allow Chioma to enter my office. I locked the door behind me, drew up my skirt, put my fingers in my pant. I rubbed my clitoris moaning softly till I climaxed. It felt so good to release the tension Chioma has built in me!





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…To be continued…

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