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          PAUL heard the feet movement and looked up. He first saw a blue ballerina shoes with white buttons then he saw her lovely long legs up to her knees and then the lovely flowered fabrics. He couldn’t wait and so he skipped the rest of her body to her face as she reached the landing. She looked like a princess from a Disney movie. He stood unconsciously and started walking towards her. He wanted to hold her with care but also peel the dress from her body. This wasn’t the policewoman he knew. The pantsuit was gone and a curvy female was before him. Her hair was parked in a ponytail and he could see every inch of her face. Her hair, clothes and accessories were an extension of her beauty and they complimented her so well. She looked effortlessly beautiful!

For some seconds Ola thought he was going to grab her and she was sure she wouldn’t resist but just as he was a few feet away from her, he stopped.

‘You look gorgeous Ola!’ He said in a cracked voice laced with lust.

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‘Thank you!’ She replied in an equal voice.

‘Shall we leave now?’


Paul needed the fresh air. He wanted to get out of the house as soon as possible because he didn’t trust himself not to grab her and disrobe her! He wanted her so badly.

Ola was grateful for the fresh air. If she inhaled his perfume for another second, she might jump him and kiss the heck out of his well chiseled lips


          STARTING the party was the most difficult part as most of the invited guests arrived at the same time but as an hour passed by, things began to ease up. However, Toyin had not seen her sister and Paul and she was beginning to fear she wouldn’t come. Anger began to set in but she knew she couldn’t stay mad with her forever. She knew Ola was under pressure from their parents to marry and leave the police force and she sympathized with her. Her sister love her children like they were hers so it gave her some assurance she would come. She might just be running late because of work or other things. Might be Paul forgot and didn’t pick her up or he went and they have been fighting on who would drive. She knew Ola could be stubborn but she still created excuses for her. She looked around, everyone was having fun. Many children gathered around the magician and they gasped and laughed at every trick he performed. Some were on the bouncing castle and some were dancing. The adults were having easy conversations while they kept an eye on the children. Her husband was with their close family friends laughing. She took few steps towards them before Gabby cornered her.

‘Mommy?’ She called.

Toyin squatEd to her level saying;

‘Yes my darling! Are you enjoying your party?’

‘Yes mom! Where’s Aunt Ola? Is she not coming again?’

‘She’s definitely coming! She went…’ She was saying when her daughter shifted her gaze beyond her and broke into a full smile before running off screaming!

‘Big mommy! Big mommy!’ She thanked God before looking towards her sister. She turned in time to see her sister scooped her daughter into her arms while trying to hug the boy too. She saw Paul stood a few feet away giving her room to greet the children. He looked wonderful and they looked good together! She started walking towards her with the straightest face she could put on.

Ola was kissing the children everywhere she could reach apologizing for coming late and telling them their gifts was coming when she saw her sister walking towards her with a mundane face. The party was filled and she knew she was really late but it was not her fault. Paul was driving like they had a truck full of eggs and the traffic was much too. Even though her sister looked angry she could see through her that it was a fake anger. She stood up slowly still holding the children.

‘Don’t be angry sis. It’s Paul’s fault. He couldn’t find my place and you insisted he brought me!’ She lied and dared Paul with a look to expose her.

Paul heard the excuse and his jaw dropped! She lied against him right in front of him and she didn’t blink an eyelid! He was going to say something then he saw her eyes daring him to say the truth! He swallowed and smiled apologetically towards Toyin.

‘I’m sorry.’ He said.

‘It’s okay! Now let’s join the party!’ Toyin had a feeling they were lying but she wasn’t in the mood to dig! She reached out to Paul while leaving Ola with the kids as they bombarded her with questions!

‘Come Paul, let me introduce you to my husband.’

The kids wanted to know where their gifts were as they know their aunt would never come visiting without gifts!

‘Don’t worry, your gifts will be here very soon!’

‘What did you get me Big Mommy? Did you get my wish list? I told mommy to tell you I wanted…’

‘Don’t worry guys! I got everything you wanted! I’m sure you will love them! Now tell me…’ Ola was saying when one of her mother’s maid interrupted her.

‘Excuse me Aunt Ola, you have a guest.’

Before Ola turned to face the girl, she knew who it was.


          DR. Akin could not believe his eyes. The woman before him has transformed. She didn’t look like the strict policewoman he knew. She looked like a princess and her beauty was striking! If the situation was different, he would pursue her.

‘Hello Doctor Akin.’ Ola said extending her hand to him. She was aware he was checking her out but she was used to people being shocked at her beauty outside her uniform.

‘Good afternoon detective and thanks for inviting us.’

‘Hey Junior. How are you?’

‘I am fine ma’am.’

‘Gabby, Darasimi, meet Junior. I invited him to your birthday. Why don’t you show him around and entertain him?’ She said and the children took it from there.

‘You can call me D-boy and I will call you J-boy! This is my sister Gabby, come let me show you the magician!’

The children gone, Doctor Akin said;

‘I got these gifts for the celebrants.’

‘Awww! Thank you! You shouldn’t have bothered! Come, let me find you a seat but please fell free to mingle. Barrister Paul is somewhere around here, I will let him know you are here.’

‘Okay, thank you.’ He said following Ola. He wasn’t there to socialize, he was there to save his child!

          OLA was being cornered with greetings from family members and family friends she hadn’t seen in long time. They all wanted to know how she was doing and she tried to answered their questions as fast as possible so she could move on. After twenty minutes of socializing, she finally made it to her parents. To her amazement, Paul was with them and they were all laughing like they had been friends for long or belonged together. He looked right at home.

‘Oh! There she is! She finally made it here!’ Her father said smiling. She smiled, hugged her mother and her father saying her greetings.

‘Good afternoon daddy. Mommy! You look amazing!’

‘Thanks my dear but why were you late?’

Paul heard the question and knew right away that Ola was going to lie against him again, so he answered before she did!

‘She will say I delayed her, just forgive us! We are here now!’

Ola almost ran Paul down with her look! How dare him?

‘I see you have met Paul…’ She said instead of the mean things that were going through her mind to say.

‘Yes we have! Toyin introduced your boyfriend to us. We know his family. He’s from a good home!’ Her father said.

‘Boyfriend? We are just wor…’ She was correcting the misconception but her mother would have none of it.

‘Why don’t you show him around? We want to socialize with our guest. My son, please enjoy yourself and we hope to see more of you!’ Her mother said leaving Ola’s presence while dragging her husband with her. “My son!”

‘Make sure you see me before you leave dear.’ Her father added.

‘Yes daddy.’

Ola was fuming with anger and as soon as her parents were out of earshot, she gave him a jab with her elbow.

‘Oouuch! What’s that for?’

‘It’s for you being a jerk!’

‘A jerk? Are you not the one lying against me right in my presence?’

‘Enh Enh? And so? You are not a good partner! You can’t take the heat for me!’

‘But I didn’t tell them the truth!’ He said taunting her with a smile.

‘What’s funny?’ She asked really angry.

‘You look adorable when angry. Like a little girl who lost her butterfly!’ He said so genuine that all Ola’s anger evaporated but she didn’t let it show on her face.

‘Hun! By the way, what exactly were you talking about with my parents before I arrived that gave them the idea that we were dating?’

‘You don’t want to know what we were talking about and the boyfriend agenda is not on me, it’s on your sister!’

Ola wanted to argue but she remembered she was at a party and let it slide.

‘You are just full of it! Anyways, doctor Akin is here. I need you to keep his company so I can get the child alone and talk to him.’

‘Detective Ola in action! Anything you say ma’am but don’t take too long because I intend to enjoy myself!’

‘I just need ten minutes alone with the boy and if…’ A phone rang stopping her mid sentence.

‘Excuse me.’ She said to Paul picking her call.

‘Hello. Where are you guys?’

‘We will be there in ten minutes. We are sorry for the lateness, we had a flat tire.’

‘It’s okay. See you soon.’

With that she ended the call but before she could continue, Paul’s phone rang too.


‘Hello sir. We are five minutes away! Sorry for the delay.

‘Okay. No problem. Is the puppy safe?’

‘Yes very safe sir.’


As he was answering his call, Ola eyed him suspiciously. She had a feeling that the same people who called her called him too and what was it she heard about a puppy? If he got her niece and nephew a puppy then he has outdone himself! Why didn’t she think about that herself? She couldn’t wait for him to get off the phone.

‘Paul? Who called you?’

‘Are you jealous?’ He asked obviously jesting.

‘Be serious! Could it be The Wrappers?’

‘Yes actually! They are delivering the gifts I got for the children!’

‘Gifts? You mean there are more gifts aside the puppy?’

‘Yes of course! Is it a bad thing?’

‘I see! I know what you are doing! You are buying the affection of my people! Why are you making me look bad? By the way who told you to get a puppy for them? Who gave you the permission?’

‘Which of your questions do you want me to answer first? First of, I’m not buying anybody’s affection. It’s polite I bring gifts to a party I am going to and when I didn’t know what to buy I asked your sister if it was okay to get them a puppy and she said yes! It’s not in any way to make you feel or look bad.’ He said feeling bad Ola felt he out-shined her.

‘Okay but still…’ The loud honking from the gate brought their attention to the gift bus arrival. They started walking towards it as it was driving into the compound.

The bus is no stranger to the children because it delivered gifts to their house from time to time. It was their birthday and they knew it was for them. They dropped what they were doing and ran towards the bus shouting with joy.

After the process of signing for the gifts, the delivery men started offloading the wrapped gifts. The children jumped up and down in glee as gifts upon gifts kept coming from the bus. Finally, the delivery man added a small cardboard box over to Paul.

‘Mummy! Can we open our gifts?’

‘Not yet my darlings. We will when our guests are gone. However, you can open one, the one uncle Paul is holding.’

‘Who’s uncle Paul?’ Gabriella asked confused.

‘He’s Big Mommy’s special friend!’ Toyin replied.

‘Can we accept gifts from him?’ Darasimi asked.

‘Yes my dear, he’s not a stranger!’

While this conversation was going on between mother and children, Paul moved close to Ola and gave her the box.

‘You give it to them. They will appreciate it more…’ He said smiling but looking so sincere at the same time.


          OLA felt something shifted in her heart, like a wide space opened for Paul to come in. She was so jealous of him getting them a puppy and was still angry with herself for not having the thoughts when she knew the children loved animals. Ola’s eyes were watered as she looked into Paul’s eyes that seemed to be connected to his generous heart. She wished she could say no to his proposal but she really wanted to be the greatest aunt! She mouthed “thank you” as she held her hands out for the box. He gave it to her, she collected it, smile and turned away from him. She took a step towards her sister’s children then turned back towards Paul saying;

‘You know what? We can do it together. Let’s give it to them together.’

‘Are you sure?’ He asked.

‘Come on!’ She said stretching one hand towards him and he took it. Their relationship changed at that moment, they became friends. Together they walked towards the children.

As Toyin talked to her children she was also monitoring what was going on with her sister and Paul. She saw the action even though she couldn’t hear the conversation. He was a good and generous man. She winked at Paul and smiled at her sister as they reached her and her children.

Ola went on her knees looking at the kids.

‘You have to promise me some things before I give you this.’

‘What’s that Big Mommy?’

‘That you both love and take care of it. Both of you won’t fight over it and there will be equal play time with it.’

The children looked at each other Beasley containing their excitement and echoed;

‘We promise!’

‘Good. Say thank you to uncle Paul, we got this gift for you together.’

‘Thank you uncle Paul!’ The children chorused.

‘You are welcome.’ Paul told them.

‘Now you can open your gift on the count of three.’ She said dropping the box on the grass gently.

‘One…Two…Three!’ The adults counted.

The series of reactions from the children that followed the opening of the box were emotional and sincere. First they glared at the dog unbelievable, then their jaw dropped as they looked at each other, then back at Ola. The two children spoke at the same time with a voice laced with fear and love.

‘Is it ours?’ Gabriella asked.

‘Can we keep it?’ Darasimi asked.

‘Yes and yes!’

The children hugged their aunt and each other before Darasimi took the puppy out of the box. Immediately Gabriella laid eyes on the puppy, she bursted into happy tears and Darasimi eyes were teary too. A little crowd of people had gathered around them to see what was in the box and as the children reacted, the crowd chorused;


They looked so adorable.


          JUNIOR, doctor Akin’s son was also in the crowd watching the birthday children got their gifts. His heart swelled as he saw the cute animal, he could never get enough of animals. His eyes watered and he remembered his mother who had promised him his own puppy on his next birthday. He watched as many children rallied around Darasimi and Gabriella and he desperately wanted to join them and play with the puppy too but he was too well-mannered to.

Ola noticed that Junior was standing alone but she could see the longing in his eyes to join the crowd. This was a rich kid whom everyone wanted to play with but suddenly he found himself in an unfamiliar crowd where he had to seek for attention. Ola was moved to get the boy to a comfortable place but she also saw it was her opportunity to get the boy alone. As she approached the boy, she saw his father approached him too. Game on!

Dr. Akin placed a possessive hand over his son’s shoulder as he watched the detective walked towards them. He also felt his son’s plight but there was little he could do about it. He wished they were never there but he had no choice but he was determined to keep them away from his son.

Ola as been doing this job for a while and she knew when to go soft. She saw the father laid a protective hand on his son and she was prepared to disarm him.

‘Hey Junior! Are you enjoying the party?’

‘Hmmm… Yes.’

‘What do you think about the puppy?’

‘Awww! It’s so cute! What’s its name?’

‘I don’t know but since you know a lot about dogs why don’t you help your new friends figure out a name for them? Ehm, that is if it’s okay with your dad.’ Ola knew what she was doing, she was placing the man in a tight corner but she did it harmlessly.

‘Dad?’ The boy looked up to his father with pleading eyes.

Dr. Akin considered his options very well but he really didn’t want the boy out of his sight. He felt she could see he was trying too hard to keep the boy to himself and thought she might suspect him so he gave his permission. Besides, what could two innocent young children do to harm his boy?

…to be continued…



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