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4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND. 3 (+18)



          I quickly signed on some of the documents I have on my table, commented on some and made corrections to those that needed to be re-typed by the secretary. I stood up and took everything with me as I headed for the secretary’s office, which was, adjacent my boss’s office.

‘Dupe dear, how are you today?’ I greeted her.

‘I’m very fine ma and how are you too? I like your blouse, it is beautiful.’ She replied.

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‘Oh, thanks honey. Is he on seat?’ I inquired about my boss.

‘Yes, he just got in.’

‘Ok, please retype these documents and give it to Ada to cross check and sign. Thank you’. I said with a smile and gave her the documents and I knocked on my boss’s door.

‘Yes come in,’ he answered from within and I walked in.

‘Good morning sir,’ I greeted my boss, he looked up from his table and answered my greetings.

‘Good morning Sandra, have you gone through the advert for the new product?’

‘Yes sir, I have commented on it and these are the documents sir.’ He held out his hands and I gave them to him, he opened it glancing and skipping through the documents.

‘Ok, these are good, you can go.’ He said dismissing me.

‘Actually sir, I have an appointment with my doctor for twelve o’clock and I was wondering if I could take the rest of the day off sir?’ I asked meekly.

‘Are you ok, is everything alright?’ He asked concern written all over his face and I felt guilty for a second that I was just lying to go out to lunch with my friend Ademola.

‘Everything is fine, it’s just a normal check up but I also have body pains.’ I lied.

‘Ok you can go but make sure you clear your desk before going. Take care.’ He said.

‘Thank you sir.’


          I left his office and went to my colleague’s office Ada who happened to be my close friend.

‘How far babes, I have  a date with your boyfriend and I’ve told Dupe to bring some documents for you to sign on my behalf, I will see you tomorrow, okay?’ I told her.

‘Not okay oo. Where you tell oga say you dey go? And I don tell you say make you no dey call Demola my boyfriend again.’ She complained.

‘I told him I was going to the hospital and why don’t you want to date Demola? He’s a good guy and he really likes you, would I lie to you? Also, don’t forget he’s my best friend and I know how he feels about you. My dear, he’s for real.’ I informed her.

See, I may not believe in love but that doesn’t mean I can’t help people fall in love.

‘See you wey no believe in love wey dey advocate for love! Nawa,’ she said eyeing me.

‘It’s true, I may not believe in love but I never said all guys are bad and Demola is a good guy, please think about it.’ I explained to her.

‘Okay, I’ll think about it but no go tell am anything oo,’ she said.

‘My lips are sealed!’ I said as I walked out of her office. I worked for a while on my laptop and when it was eleven thirty I closed my laptop, took my jacket and left the office and drove to Ademola’s office.


          Demola owned a PR company. He knew all the right people in the country and he could get you into any event even if it was strictly by invitation. I walked into my friend’s office area saying hello to his secretary.

‘Welcome sister Sandra, you can go in, he’s expecting you.’

‘Hi darling, how are you?’ I said as I walked into his office going behind his desk to give him a hug.

‘I’m fine but this one that you acting all sweet on me I know it’s because of what you want oo!’ He said. I released him from my hug and sat on his desk.

‘Are you saying I don’t show you love except when I want or need something from you?’ I said with mock anger.

‘Chill madam, I no fight you, I’m ready, let’s go.’ We left his office for the restaurant; we made our order and settled for lunch.

‘So did you get the information I sent you this morning?’ I asked.

‘Yes I did and I already have a list for you to consider, but can I eat first, please? God knows I haven’t had any decent time to myself since you gave me this crazy assignment but why I am doing it for you is what I don’t know!’ He said.

‘Well, I know why! You love me and you can’t say no to me!’ I said smiling.

‘Yea right! Anyway, giving the statistic, profile and qualities you gave me, I’ve done my research and I have seven men for you.’ He said and signaled to the waitress.

‘May I clear your table sir?’ she said smiling at Demola. I smiled to myself, this chick was flirting with my friend and ignoring me totally. It was time to show her who the queen bitch was.

‘Gbmh-gbmh-gbmh,’ I cleared my throat.

‘Excuse me, can you bring me a bottle of white wine,’ she looked at me smiling politely and said;

‘Yes ma’am,’ and walked away. Demola looked at me smiling. He knows me too well!

‘Don’t tell me you are about to put that girl through what I’m thinking because she ignored you?’

‘Ssshhhh’, I put a finger to my lips to silence him as the girl approached.

‘May I open it?’ she asked.

‘What is this? I said red wine and you brought white wine?’ I said angrily.

‘No ma, you said white wine…’ she said confused.

‘Are you telling me I’m daft and I don’t know what I ordered for? I want to talk to your manager right now.’ I said acting very angry, the poor girl looked to Demola for some help.

‘Sir, but I thought she ordered…..’ She was explaining but he cut her off.

‘The lady said she ordered for red wine, apologize to her and go bring what she wanted.’ Demola told her feigning anger himself.

‘I I I’m sorry ma,’ she stammered, I waved my hand dismissing her.

‘Why did you let her off so quick?’ I asked Demola.

‘Come on, the girl was about to cry. Besides, I don’t know why you are jealous.’

‘I’m not jealous but it’s not right to flirt with a male customer who has a female partner with him and it’s very rude.’ I explained as the girl approached again.

‘Here is your wine ma and I’m sorry again about the misunderstanding. May I open it?’ She asked politely now giving me her full attention. Why do they have to make me annoyed before they do the right thing? She wouldn’t be in this situation if she had given us equal attention, I thought.

‘Yes’, I replied.

‘Can I have the bill?’ Demola asked.

‘Yes sir,’ she said without even looking at him.

‘See what you have done, you have scared the sweet thing away,’ he said pretending to be hurt. The waitress returned with our bill and Demola paid even though the date was supposed to be on me.


          We retired to the lounging area to continue the discussion. I sat beside him on the love seat. Demola opened his iPad and passed it to me.

‘This is Lekan, he’s a banker but he’s rich and as you can see for yourself he’s handsome and I think Amanda will like him, he has all the qualities she likes. He is a very busy person, not the jealous type, he’s a cheerful spender and he’s a friend.’

‘Good, he’s perfect for Ama,’ I said. I scrolled on and stopped at the photo of a beautiful man.

‘Wow.’ I said and looked at my friend.

‘Please tell me he’s for me.’ I asked eyeing him.

‘Asewo buruku. Anyway, because I know you very well so I went out of my way to find you your perfect match and yes, he’s for you.’ He replied grinning as much as I was grinning myself.

‘Tell me about him.’ I implored.

‘Ok, his name is Habib, he works for Ex-oil, he’s the boss and also the boss’s son. He’s naughty and frank, he doesn’t like playing games, he likes to spend and here’s the good part, he likes you!’







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…To be continued…

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Written by Olatorera

Edited by Olatorera and Ola Adeyemi Smith.

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