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          …And I cut the phone stunned! There it was. The words I desperately wanted to hear. The three most powerful words that could bring the most powerful beings to their knees. My heart lifted. Mariam’s method might be extreme but it worked very fast! He was so excited about me visiting him in his office tomorrow and truth be told, I couldn’t wait to see him, kiss him and hear him say those magical words to me! I danced to my car and drove home in joy. No Lagos traffic or reckless driver could spoil my mood! I drove into my compound still smiling but the smile disappeared on my face when I saw the jeep packed in my compound. It was chief, one of my sugar daddy. The very one who bought me my car!


          Chief had been calling me all weekend and I had been ignoring him and I was sure he got worried because such had never happened. He has been outside the country on a business trip but we talked every day like he was at home until last weekend. I had many partners but they all knew it was nothing serious or special. Some had tried to take it to the next level but I had immediately made it clear I wasn’t interested, however, I had a soft spot for Chief. None of my partners were allowed to come into my house, the ones that knew my house pick and drop me at the gate but Chief was an exception. Chief was the kind of man that cared for his own. He would do anything I asked and no gift was too big for him to give me. Also, he was good in bed even though I taught him many things he didn’t know about the female body. In many ways, he was my baby, my daddy, my teacher, my student, and my teddy bear. He thought me patience, and how to deal with people not on my level but as good as he was, he was a gentle lion.

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          A gentle lion fended for its kids, took care of them, protect them from danger but it wouldn’t be that generous on anything or anyone that threatens its territory. It would hunt them, torment them, and tear them apart and that was how ruthless Chief was! I have seen him deal with people that offended him and I pray never to be one of them. As much as he loved me, I was scared of what he would do to me if I got on his wrong foot. I would be lying to you and to myself if I told you I didn’t see this coming. From the moment I fell in love with Habib, I knew I would have to dump Chief, I just didn’t know it would come so soon or on the day the guy confessed his love for me.


          I drove to my spot and packed. I took off my show and wore my flat slippers, I didn’t trust my feet to carry me in heels at this crucial time. I got out of the car wearing a fake smile and walking towards him, if anyone could see through me, they would know I was panicking inside! He got down from his car wearing a big smile too. Seeing his smile and knowing it was genuine broke my heart all over again.

‘There’s my baby!’ He said opening his arms, I walked into it as happily as I could fake it.

‘Hello Chief. How are you.’ I said quickly pulling away from his arms. My mind was playing dirty tricks on me and it was telling me Habib could walk into the building any moment! I began to sweat. He saw my distress and squeezed his face.

‘Sandra, are you okay? You look uncomfortable.’ He said and I smiled.

‘I’m okay Chief. Please can we sit down in your car and talk?’ I asked, my voice going down every word after word.

‘Of course, I was thinking you would go with me tonight self. I’ve missed you.’ He said going into the car and I entered too.

‘Talk to me baby. Do you need something?’ I smiled sadly and shook my head.

‘No Chief, I don’t need anything.’ I was silent for a few minutes because I was thinking of the best approach.

‘Chief, I want to thank you for always being there for me. You have proven to me that there are genuine people in this world. I don’t know how to say this but I don’t want to lie to you because I know you hate lies.’ He was nodding his head as I was talking, obviously agreeing with me.

‘Yes baby, I hate lies but you don’t have to thank me. You have been very good to me.’ He said touching my cheeks and I took a cue from him.

‘And you have been good to me too but I found something Chief. I’ve been looking for it for a long time and it walked into my life some days ago. I really want to find out if this is the real thing or not but the love and care you show me will sabotage it because I can never truly love anyone when you’re around me.’ I said greasing his ego. He looked at me confused.

‘What I’m trying to say is that I think I’ve fallen in love but I’m not sure. Every time I try to think about this guy you are always popping into my head. The deal between us is that we take care of each other and not marriage. You have told me several times that you love your wife and didn’t want anything to hurt her. I have respected the boundaries you set…’ I said still handling him. I was giving him reasons why he shouldn’t get angry.

‘Yes Sandra. You have been a very good girl and that’s why you are very special to me!’

‘And you are special to me too but my parents are on my neck and I’m not getting younger Chief. I want to give this guy a chance. What I’m trying to say is that, ehm, ehm, I need some time apart.’ His jaw dropped, I quickly added;

‘Not that I’m breaking up with you oo, I just need some months to discover and decide if this is true love or just lust then we will come back together.’ I lied hoping it would save my neck.

‘But Sandra, you are a big girl. You can handle us together, come on! Do you want to throw away what you have for something unsure? Or is it that you found a richer man to replace me Sandra? Hmmm!’

‘Chief! Don’t be like that, please. Even if I find a richer guy, can he take care of me like you? You are a great guy but I need to give love a chance here or do you want to marry me?’ I said boxing him to a corner.

‘Hmmmm! Sandra, do you want something? Do you want me to buy you another car? A bigger car? Okay, okay, let’s go on vacation anywhere you want in the world.’ Arh! See what love is causing me oo!


          This was great opportunity, a bigger car and vacation anywhere I want in the world! I almost took it but I called myself to my senses. Habib was rich enough and could afford to buy me all these things besides, I have enough money to buy myself a bigger car and take myself on a vacation anywhere in the world! I didn’t need Chief.

‘Chief, I can never blackmail you into giving me something. All I need to do is ask so it’s not about any material thing. Please give me some time to pursue this. Please Chief.’ I said holding his hands and pouring all my feelings and sincerity into my eyes for him to see I really wanted this. He sighed and raised my hands to his lips kissing it. Old emotions rushed through my veins and tears started rolling down my face. I didn’t bother to clean it. Let him see I wasn’t playing him, I just needed to love and be loved.

‘Don’t cry Sandra, please. You know I can’t stand your tears.’ He said cleaning my face with his handkerchief.

‘I’m not crying Chief but the tears can’t stop running.’

‘You are asking me for a very difficult thing! You are very special to me and not just a girl I sleep with, you are part of me and I love you in my own way.’ He said and I nodded my head saying;

‘I know Chief, I know.’

‘I will miss you terribly and if you don’t come back, I will be very hurt. Where will I find a good girl like you in this Lagos? Arh Sandra! This is difficult!’

‘It’s difficult for me too Chief. Do you think it’s easy to leave all these luxury for some guy I don’t even know? It’s not…’

‘You don’t have to do this Sandra…’ He said pulling me into his arms, I went into them, maybe for the last time.

‘I need to Chief. Please…’ He rocked me in his arms for a while then released me.

‘Okay Sandra. If you are sure this is what you want. I will support you. Everyone deserves to be loved and I will be selfish if I don’t let you go. This guy, does he have a good work, a good background, can he take care of you? I don’t want you to suffer baby.’ He said really concerned for me. Fresh tears rolled down my face as I breathed in relief. He was going to let me go without getting nasty! I thanked God before saying out loud;

‘He’s okay Chief, I’ve checked him out and he’s a good man from a good family. He has a good job too. He will take care of me.’ I lied to him. Habib was richer of course, very rich for his age and he has rich parents too but I couldn’t draw attention to his money. He had to see this was about love. Chief could be very protective of his own and he still saw me as one.

‘Okay then, but you know I will be right here when you need me, right? I will never close my doors to you and a call is all you need for us to get back together. Does this guy know what you’re giving up for him? Fuck! He’s a very lucky guy and I pray he knows it! I will miss you Sandra.’

‘I hope he does too and I will miss you very much too. Thanks for always being there Chief.’ I said meaning every word I said.

‘Okay darling! I have to go now. I came here straight from the airport. I have two bags full of gifts for you. Let’s…’ He was saying but I quickly said;

‘No Chief! That’s not necessary anymore. I can’t possibly accept that!’

‘You wound me Sandra! Just because we are not going to sleep together doesn’t mean we will stop being friends! You deserve everything in those bags besides, the clothes, shoes, and underwears are your size, the perfumes are your brand and the rest are the things you told me you wanted! Who will I give it to and who will I tell my wife I bought it for? Come one, take it. Just so you know, I won’t stop your monthly allowance until the day I see your wedding invitation!’ Awwww! Chief truly loved me in his own way.

‘Arh! Chief! You see why I can’t have you around? You will just spoil me rotten! Thanks Chief but it’s not necessary, I can take care of myself. God bless you real good for me though. I was very scared you will be angry and collect the car back!’ I spilled out not meaning to. He laughed at me.

‘Arh Sandra! I’m not a wicked person now. See girl, you have earned everything I ever bought you and I can’t take it back from you. They are yours to do anything you want with.’

‘Thanks Chief!’ I said hugging him. He hugged me back and tried to kiss me on my lips. I drew back saying;


‘Arh! This is very difficult oo. Are your friends in?’ Why was he asking? Did he want one last sex? I hope not! I wouldn’t be able to say no if I wanted a good exit. I looked towards Koyin parking space and her car was there, it was a relief.

‘Some of them are back, Koyin and Bimpe are home but I don’t know if Amanda is back yet.’ I said praying.






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…To be continued…

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