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          …I entered the sitting room and Habib was standing holding a bowl of ice cream in one hand and the hairdryer in the other hand.

‘Ice cream or hairdryer? Which do you want first?’ He asked and I knew what I chose didn’t matter, we were going to end up in his bed either way. I chose the ice cream.

My hair can wait, my pussy can’t.

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           That was the highlight of my weekend but the sexual experience I enjoyed most was our kitchen episode. You girls know I don’t cook for any man but because he was special, I decided to cook for my boo.

‘Hmmm?! Wetin Iyawo come cook oo?’ Bimpe asked.

‘Na the food I cook be your concern abi wetin happen in the kitchen?’ I fired back.

‘Mama no vex, na wetin happen we wan hear abeg!’ Bimpe implored and I complied.


           I was wearing a loose long tank-top, which skimmed my bum. I had no underwear on and my hair was packed into a ponytail behind me. I had just poured some ingredient into the pot and was stirring it when he walked into the kitchen. He was shirtless and a fine chest it was!

‘The house smells delicious! What’s my baby cooking?’ He walked towards me and wrapped his arms around me. I angled my neck to the left and he dropped a kiss on my neck. I stopped stirring and faced him.

‘What are you doing here baby? You don’t want to smell of onions…’ I joked.

‘I was missing you too much and if you are smelling of onions then I don’t mind too’. He replied.

So sweet! I thought to myself. We untangled from each other arms and he asked what he could help me with. I told him not to bother but he wouldn’t go away, so I told him to clean the smoked fish. It was a terrible mistake! He dropped one in the bowl as he dropped one into his mouth! I swatted his hand and he said;

‘Ouch mama! You have broken a finger!’ He batted his eyelashes at me acting all hurt and bruised. Of course, his finger wasn’t broken or bruised, he was just acting up but I played along. It led to something else!

‘Oh my poor baby! Let me have a look at that finger.’ He held out his hand to me gingerly and I took it carefully. I inspected it.

‘Hmmm! Sorry baby. It must be aching you seriously. You want mummy to make it feel better?’ I asked and he nodded his head.

‘Okay sugar! Just close your eyes…’ I said winking at him. He smiled and closed his eyes. I took his fingers into my mouth one after the other. I took quick licks, it tasted of fish and onions. Then I took the affected finger into my mouth, I licked, I sucked.

‘Oooccchhhh…’ He sipped air into his mouth through his teeth.

‘Am I hurting you babe? You want me to stop?’ I asked. His eyes flew open and he said in a rush;

‘Please don’t stop!’


          I took his fingers back into my mouth and I licked and sucked as he watched me. I left his fingers to his palm. I set my tongue to work on it. I was enjoying myself immensely as I watch him squirmed at my touch. I put my hands on his naked chest, I rubbed about for a while before getting to my targets, his nipples. Then I stopped without saying anything to him, I turned back to my cooking. He was about protesting but I shut him up.

‘No bab…’ He was saying.

‘Isssshhh! Be patient!’ I teased before added all other things I needed into the pot and turned the gas fire to low. I went back to my waiting nipples. I took one into my mouth and used my fingertips on the other nipple.

‘Aarhoooow baby!’ He moaned. I rolled his nipples on my tongue, I flipped my tongue on it slowly then I went very fast on it. I took soft bites, sucked and licked. His hands were in my hair, he undid my ponytail and dwelled his hands into my hair drawing my head closer still to his chest. I repeated this act on his other nipple then I got bored. I dropped to my knees in front of my boo. I discharged him of his trouser and boxers. His joystick sprang free into my face and nodded in anticipation. I didn’t play or tease at all, I took him into my mouth, all of him I could swallow. His hand went backwards to grab the kitchen counter.

‘Aarroohh! Baby! Suck daddy! Baby lick daddy! Aarrhshh! Ooowwww!’ He gruntled out.


          Funny thing was, I was the mummy and he was the baby before I got down on him, but now he was a daddy and I was a baby! I went in and out on him, he held my head as I sucked him. My right hand was on his balls while my left hand taunted his buttocks. I practiced all the mouth action tricks I knew on his manhood. I went from his dick to his balls, making sure none lacked my attention. He blabbed away. Suddenly he drew me up and dropped his mouth on me. He lifted me up and dropped me on the cold tiled kitchen cabinet surface.

‘Iisssh!’ I squirmed. My short tank-top has already ridden to my stomach, I got rid of it. He parted my legs bending his head towards my pussy, I grabbed his ear.

‘No baby! I want you in me now!’ He looked at my honey pot regretfully but still went ahead to kiss it before he raised my legs on his shoulders and enter my moist pussy in one stroke.


‘Iisshh!’ We moaned at the same time. He bent forward a bit, giving himself the opportunity to touch my breast and also allowing him to touch deep down my vagina! We ramped at each other for minutes in this position then he lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my hands around his legs. His hand was under my buttocks to aid my movement as I climbed him. He kissed my neck and everywhere this position would allow his mouth to reach. After a while, we untangled and I dropped my feet gently on the floor. I backed him and held the fridge, he used his hands to part my buttocks and slipped into my pussy.

‘Oh my gosh! Oh gawd! Oh baby! Fuck me! Beat that pussy! It’s yours! Aarsshh! Ooooowww! Iiissshh! Yeeeeaaa! Hhmmmuhbnm!’ I moaned away as he hit all the right spots! Don’t forget that we both love the doggy sex position. He wasn’t without his own moans, he answered every of my request.

‘Yes baby! Shake that ass for daddy! Fuck that dick baby! Yyeaa ahh! Ooohhh my gawd! Aarsshh baby! Aaaooooshsh!’ It was amidst this we both came. We slipped to the floor gently. We were on the floor for over five minutes, kissing and necking until our bodies objected to the cold tiles.

‘After that one enh, there was still plenty of sex, love making, cooking, and movies. In short, I had plenty of fun!’ I said to my open-mouthed friends.

‘So, how do you know you are in love?’ Koyin asked me, pleasure written all over her face.

‘Good question!’ Amanda seconded.

‘You girls are so funny! Haven’t I been in love before? It’s love! But to satisfy you hawks, I’ll tell you how I feel. For once, I’ve not thought about any of my partners since I’ve met Habib, I won’t even pick their calls or reply their pings. I think about Habib before anyone else when I wake up in the morning. I carry him in my spirit, I pray for him before I pray for myself. My heart beats faster when I see him! When he snores I don’t mind, it’s like music. His smile lights up my heart. All I want to do is make him happy because he makes me so happy too. He makes me wanna be a good girl, you know, no bitching things at all…’ I didn’t need a mirror to tell myself that I was smiling, my friends were smiling with me too.

‘Oh my God! She’s truly in love!’ Koyin exclaimed.

‘Oh how the mighty has fallen!’ Amanda said with a lot of drama.


          My friends and I gossiped more about our dates, things we liked and didn’t like about the weekend, our hopes and expectations. I was the first to yawn, I was tired, who wouldn’t be anyway? It was past nine o’clock and there’s work tomorrow.

‘My darlings, I’m happy we all had fun this weekend. I’m sure new opinions were formed, some barriers were broken, some heart mended. I’ve cajoled, begged, brainwashed and even manipulated you girls to take this weekend out but from here on, it’s your decision. It’s not about me anymore, it’s about you and what you truly want. When I planned this weekend, all I wanted was to have fun, love wasn’t in the picture, but see me now…’ I smiled as my heart contracted at the thought of Habib.

‘What I’m trying to say girls is don’t go back to that loveless life. Don’t allow yourselves to be used or abused. We are beautiful, young, smart, talented, hardworking and good girls! Yes we have our shortcomings but show me who doesn’t and I will show you a liar. Does that mean we can’t find happiness?’ My friends listened to me raptly, nodding and shaking their heads when necessary.

‘As for me Sandra, I’ve been given another chance at love and I’m going to hold on to it and guard it jealously. I don’t know if you will hold on to your weekend guys but whatever you decide, I wish you happiness and love and know that I will always be here for your girls.’ I finished my impromptu speech and tears was in everyone’s eyes. Amanda was the first to speak.

‘Well, as for me, the weekend was everything and more. I don’t know where my affair with Lekan will end, but I sure like him. Thank you dear.’ She blew me a kiss from her seat. Koyin spoke next.

‘Well, Opeyemi and I seem to get along fine but the heck! I just wanna have fun right now!’ We all cheered her and I said;

‘Way to go girl. What about you Bimpe?’

‘Tony is a cool guy but I don’t think it will work. Ama just have fun too!’ We cheered her too.

‘Well, after all said and done, I’ll like to make a toast.’ I said and went to the kitchen to get the cups and wine. When all cups were filled and raised, I said;

‘Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves; who am I to be gorgeous, sexy, smart, beautiful and intelligent? But the actual question should be; who am I not to be? My mum once told me, it is bad to fail but it’s worse never to have tried at all. In these views, I say well-done girls for trying. I wish us joy, love, happiness, achievements, good sex, loving husbands and the best the future can offer us!’ We clicked our glasses and drank our drinks. We hugged, said our goodnights and went into our respective rooms. The weekend of fun and fantasy was over. Work and reality start tomorrow.





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…To be continued…

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