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          Ngozi watched both of them, something has changed, they were smiling, holding hands and exchanging secret smiles and look. Hmmmmmm! Something surely happened! She was happy for them. She decided to start by teasing them.

‘So, I see you guys were too busy to send me the songs you have chosen. I would like to know what kept you busy though.’ She kept a smile on her face for the couple so that they know she was teasing. Both of them couldn’t contain their naughtiness as they grinned from ear to ear. The husband cleared his throat and talked.

‘We were talking and watching TV after dinner when we dozed off. Sorry.’ Ngozi couldn’t hide her grin anymore. That was the silliest excuse he could have come up with. TV indeed!

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          Funmi couldn’t believe her ears! TV? This man couldn’t lie to save his own life. She was sure Ngozi knew exactly what they were doing. She saw Seyi himself was drinking water, she was sure he was using the cup to cover his own grin! She turned to her husband and whispered into his ear, ‘Fuck Ngozi!’


         Seyi spat the water he was drinking. He couldn’t believe his wife could be that naughty in daylight! Now, how was he going to keep a straight face in front of Ngozi? He gave up and left the stupid smile that has refused to leave on his face.


          Ngozi was intrigued, she was dying to know what Funmi said to her husband but she decided she would ask her friend later. She busied herself with her files to give them time to adjust. After some minutes she said;

‘We can start this session as soon as you give me your notebooks.’ They handed over their notebooks to her. She felt tension slipped back into the room though it wasn’t as strong as yesterday’s.



‘Let’s not beat around the bush, let’s go straight to the bottom of things. Like I said at the beginning, I’ve categorized the challenges you were having into three. Assumption and trust, which we have treated. Now let’s talk about the major one that brought up the other two issues; ANGER. Seyi, Funmi is angry. Very angry. She’s angry because you gambled with her life. She felt when you had the option of choosing between her life and your child’s, you chose your child’s life. In the notes you sent me, you mentioned she changed after the birth of your child but I bet you don’t know that you caused it. Funmi, do you want to tell your husband what he said and did that got you very mad.’ Ngozi asked Funmi.


          The grin on Seyi’s face had since vanished and replaced with confusion. He looked at his wife, waiting impatiently for her to speak. After a few seconds, Funmi started speaking.


          Funmi knew this would happen and she thought she was ready for the moment of truth until Ngozi asked her to say her mind. She called on all the courage in the universe and looked at her husband, she let go of his hand and fiddled with them on her laps.

          ‘I am angry because you choose Queen’s life over mine. First of, you didn’t stay with me to console and encourage me, you were just dashing in and out of my room. I expected you to be there to hold my hands. Then you wouldn’t sign the consent form so I could be operated on and I was in terrible pains. How could you watch me in such pains without doing anything especially when you could have helped me? Then the doctor told you the child in me was tired and could die if I wasn’t operated on and you signed the form. Finally, when they were taking me to the theater, I heard you scream; ‘save my baby!’ after us. That was heartbreaking. I mean, I would have willingly given my life for our child’s life but for you to say it like that got me wondering. Do you even love me at all? If I die during that labor, will you mourn me? Will you wait for years before giving my space to another woman? Also, when I was pregnant with Precious, you were so caring, you took me to the hospital yourself and wouldn’t allow me work, it was all about your child. I just couldn’t stop asking myself these questions and that’s why I withdrew from you. You know the rest…’


          Seyi’s head was spinning. He couldn’t believe his ears. Has his wife been this angry for years? This woman could have killed me if she wanted. As she was talking, he tried to remember that faithful day he has tried to forget all his life. It was the worst day of his entire life but it wasn’t as his wife has said it.


‘Thank you Funmi. Seyi, you have heard her, I know you are hurt or maybe angry right now, but I want you to think back to that day and tell your wife your side of the story.’ Ngozi said.




          ‘To be sincere, it is a day I wish to forget and I’ve tried to forget but I know I didn’t gamble with your life! How could I have? You are my life. I was scared! I was scared to sign the papers because I’ve heard horrible stories about operations and I didn’t want to lose you. I didn’t refuse to sign the papers, I was buying time. I was on the phone talking to the doctors I know and trust to get a second opinion and if they could help. I wanted to move you to the hospital of one of the doctors I talked to but those stupid greedy doctors wouldn’t release you. I cursed and threatened them but they wouldn’t bulge. Finally, I begged them to let the specialist I talked with operate on you, and that was who I was waiting for. I know nothing will stop them from taking you into the OP if I signed the form before my doctor arrived. I didn’t stay with you because I didn’t want to alert or scare you with the conversations I was having. I was protecting you. Yes maybe a part of me was running but it was because the pain was too much for me to bear. I couldn’t sit there and watch without doing nothing. I can’t remember if I said save my baby or not because a lot of things were going on at the same time but if I did, I meant you! Funmi, I’ve always called you baby, even our children know that, so if I said save my baby, I meant you. Why will I choose anyone over you? How can I? I was being extra careful when you were pregnant with Precious because I didn’t want a repeat of the pains you went through! So it was all about you. Yes, I love my kids, I am glad we have them but you are the most important to me of all. It was all for you…’


          Oh my God! What have I done to myself? Funmi dropped her face into her hands. If there was a greater word for what she felt aside shame, she would take it. She was disappointed in herself. To think she has been angry for nothing all these years! How can I ever face him again? What can I say or do to make things alright? Will he ever forgive me? I’m so foolish! Why didn’t I talk to him, ask him? Now I’ve spoilt everything.


          Ngozi felt for her friend, she wished she could wrap her arms around her friend but she couldn’t. There was no worst feeling in the world than your entire belief turning out to be false. She looked at Seyi, he was facing away from his wife, obviously in pains too, disappointed and angry. She needed to give them time to feel their pains and think things through within their hearts. She heard Funmi sobbing quietly, Seyi heard her too, he turned towards his wife and drew her into his arms, both whispering. She allowed them.

‘I’m so foolish, so ungrateful, so stupid. How could I assume the worst about you? Can you ever forgive me?’ She whispered sobbing in his arms.

‘It’s okay baby, it’s okay, I understand, it’s ok, please don’t cry.’

‘I’m a wicked person. I’m so ashamed of myself. I’m so so so sorry.’ She sobbed holding on tightly to her husband.

‘It’s okay baby. I’m sorry too. Just stop crying, you know I can’t stand your tears.’ He cradled her face and kissed her tears away, soon their lips met and they kissed gently.

‘Ggggmmmmhhhhh! Ok, that’s enough. Let’s talk.’ Ngozi said when she saw the kiss was going too far.




          Seyi and Funmi were in their own world when they heard Ngozi told them to stop. They separated unwilling, both looked at each other and they thought at the same time; ‘Fuck Ngozi!’ They both laughed but quickly suppressed it. ‘Why do I have a feeling this joke is on me?’ Funmi thought and she couldn’t wait to grill her friend on what the laughter was about.

‘Okay, Seyi, thank you. I must say you have a great heart. I commend you for consoling your wife even when you are hurt yourself. Communication is the key to almost all the problems in this world. If we could just say our minds instead of holding grudges, there will be no wars. Funmi, if only you had talked that day, got really angry and threw tantrums, he would have explained everything to you. Nobody should go to bed angry, you will have nightmares and when you wake up, it will be to negative energy. Tell me, how do you plan on having a good day? One thing about anger is that it makes you and everyone around you unhappy. Forgiveness is very good for you. When you forgive someone’s trespasses against you, your mind will be free to accommodate other joys of life. Seyi, you should never give up on someone you love. Keep knocking on their door till they let you in. Women are vulnerable and fragile, you should handle us with care but we are also very strong, you can get anything from us if you don’t give up. I will just like both of you to know that communicating your feelings to each other is very important. Say it when you are hurt or angry, but don’t shout it. If your partner is not ready to listen when they are angry, wait till things calm down and have a discussion. Also, learn to appreciate each other with words and not your hearts alone. Compliment your partner’s look, their accomplishments, and dedication to you. I’m not saying talking will solve all of your problems but it helps a lot. There will be trial times, ups and downs but you can beat them by determining to stay together and communicating.’ She said closing her files. She checked their notebooks, saw their music selection and was very happy about it.

‘I want to give you guys these,’ she said extending the notebooks to them.

‘Funmi, this is Seyi’s notebook and Seyi, this is Funmi’s. Anytime you feel like bottling up your anger, just read this notebook of how your partner felt when you didn’t talk and I promise you, you will talk.’ She told them. The couple collected it smiling.

‘My work here is done but I will advice you go for family therapy once in six months. It does really help. I hope you guys haven’t forgotten all we talked about and most importantly, I will like to ask; have I been able to help you?’ She asked and they both nodded and said simultaneously;

‘Oh yes, I’m so happy we did this.’ Said Seyi.

‘Of course! Thank you very much.’ Said Funmi.

‘Great! I’m happy when my clients are satisfied. I’ve to get home to my kid. See you in the office on Monday Funmi.’ She said standing up. Funmi hugged her and Seyi shook her hands.

‘Let me see you out and we can discuss your fee.’ Seyi said and both of them laughed and was leaving when his phone rang, it was his father-in-law. He said excuse me to Ngozi and picked his call, Ngozi used that opportunity to pull her friend to one side.

‘Now tell me, what was the secret laughter about? I know the joke is on me!’ Ngozi whispered and Funmi giggled before answering her.

‘Trust me, you don’t wanna know, in fact, you are better off not knowing, besides it’s a long story!’

‘Long story? Oya tell me the short version or, at least, tell me this, is it about me?’

‘Not really but…’ Seyi cut into their gossip.

‘Babe, your dad wants to say hi.’ He gave the phone to Funmi and said to Ngozi,

‘Please let’s go.’ They went out.

A call on call waiting was disturbing her conversation with her dad.

‘Ok daddy, I will see you on Sunday. Bye.’


Just as she was ending the call a text message came in. It was from BIMBO SUGARBERRY.






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…To be continued…

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