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          HE slanted her against the door and crushed his mouth on her waiting lips. They fought the battle of lips, eating, licking, sucking and biting each other’s lips, they stopped only when they had to come up for air. Seyi left her mouth and kissed her ear, tracing down her neck till he got to the swell of her breast. He sucked some soft flesh into his mouth, his wife drew his head closer to her cleavage and moan softly.

‘Aaooosh.‘ Seyi grabbed her hands from his head and pinned it against the door above her head and t made her breast dangle in te air, he said.
‘You were seducing me with those hands abi? You don’t need them for now!’ He kissed her with hot passion. He pulls out her breast from her bra with his free hand, he closed his mouth on it. She let out a soft cry.
‘Eeeiiisshh baby, aahooh.’ The moan drove Seyi out of his wits, hearing his wife moan has always been his sexual doom. He dropped her pinned hands to fumble her other breast. Funmi’s hand went to work straight on her husband’s belt. Getting that out of the way, she carved her hands around his manhood. 
‘Hhhmmmmhh,‘ he groaned against his wife’s breast. She wanted to get on her knees and blow him but he grabbed her saying, 
‘No time!’ He turned her face to the door, drew up her skirt, push aside her g-string and entered her in one thrust. It felt like coming home to both of them, they but sighed,



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 This wasn’t about love making, it was about two people craving sexual release, pure animal lust and not love, the husband plugged into his wife’s softness hard and fast, he grabbed his wife’s boobs and pinched the nipples, she yelped at the pain and pleasure, Seyi whispered into his wife’s ear.
‘Honey, I’m almost there, come with me, please,’ and bit softly on her earlobe, still pinching her nipples and banging her. Soon he felt her contract around him and he let go of himself too.
This was the kind of life they lived before the babies came. 

          Funmi turned a page over of her novel and glanced at her husband who was working on his laptop beside her on their bed. She wished they could cuddle up tonight but she did rather die than asking him, she continued reading her romance novel loosing herself in the fiction she was reading. Seyi finished the research he was doing and stole a look at his wife, he wished she would stop reading her stupid novel and go to bed so that he can watch some porn online. As if the wife could read her husband’s mind, she bookmarked the novel she was reading, dropped it on the bedside stool and switched off the table lamp before saying, 

‘Good night,’ and the husband responded, 
‘Good night dear.’ She backed her husband. 

Seyi breathed in relief, ‘finally!’ He thought.


He inserted his earpiece into his laptop on logged on to After he had watched his fill of porn, he went into the toilet and jerked off. As Seyi entered the bathing room, Funmi opened her eyes. Of course, she knew what he has been doing! She glanced at his laptop, the action was still going on. She wanted some herself. She was aroused in two minutes, she masturbated till she came, placed the laptop back where it was and returned to her former position, she slept off. After relieving himself, Seyi had a cold bath, joined his wife on the bed, backed her and slept off. 

That’s how it has been for the past three years.


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…To be continued…

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 Written and edited by Olatorera 

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