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          Seyi looked away from his laptop as his phone vibrated for the third time. He rubbed his hands on his head. What have I gotten myself into? Will these girls ever let me be today? Is this how it’s gonna be? Oh my God! Seyi took his phone and checked the preview. Several messages but the annoying PING was from his wife. He was surprised because she hasn’t used the PING sound in a long time, she would just drop her messages. He hoped everything was fine. He opened the chat.
Funmi: PING!!! 



Seyi:      Hello dear

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Funmi: I’m good, how has your day been? 

Seyi:      Fine, yours?

Funmi: Hectic. Please, you will have to pick up the kids today. We are having an important meeting today, it’s    

              an emergency. Can you manage baby?

Seyi:     Yes I can. Hope all is well in your chamber?

Funmi: Thank you, everything is ok. Please remember to get the children into bed latest by 6:30, I will be    

               home around 7 or 8. 

Seyi:     Alright. See you later.

Funmi: I have a surprise for you! Remember to get the kids into bed early!

Seyi:      Really? 

Funmi: Yes, really! See you later, work beckons.

Seyi:     Ok, see you at home.

          Seyi stared at his phone like an alien object. Not that he and his wife don’t chat but it was unusual nowadays and this chat didn’t sound like his wife. She even called him baby! He read their chat again and a bittersweet smile crossed his lips. He remembered the first good news she gave him as a married couple, she had said she had a surprise for him just like this. It was the second year of their marriage and he wanted to change the pieces of furniture in his office and he had asked Funmi to come along because she has exquisite taste in clothes and types of furniture. They had picked everything together, disagreeing to agree on what to buy and what not to. At the end of the day, they had bought beautiful things. The company offered to send a decorator with the delivery truck and they took it. They agreed to deliver the goods on the following Saturday and Funmi volunteered to supervise because Seyi was going to Port Harcourt on a business trip and was going to return that Saturday but it was going to be in the late afternoon.

          Seyi love the cool atmosphere of Port Harcourt city, he would have loved to stay but he needed to get back to Lagos, he missed his wife. He has been trying to reach Funmi but she has not been picking her calls or replying to her blackberry messages. She must be busy with his office decoration, she always put her phone on silence when she was busy. He tried to reach her one more time as the flight attendant requested for all phones to be powered off.

Seyi: PING!!!

         Babe, the plane is about to take off. I will be in Lagos by 4 pm. Please reply your husband because he’s           

         beginning to suspect you and the decorator. On a serious note, take your phone off silence. I      

         miss you and can’t wait to see you. Love you. 


          Seyi waited for the messages to be read and replied but she didn’t, he reluctantly put off his phone as the flight attendant eyed him. Seyi slept of within minutes in the air, he has always been like that but was awoken by the rumbling of the touching down of the plane. Seyi fished out his phone, powered it on and waited for his messages to drop even though he was interested in only one; his wife’s. 

Funmi: oh my suspicious husband! Scared I was showing the handsome decorator    

               how to decorate my pussy? O serious rara. I’ve been busy arranging your office and my phone was    

               in silence. Anyways, we are done but I’ve got a surprise waiting for you in your office. Come to the office   

               from the airport. Don’t call, just come! WE ARE WAITING…

          Seyi laughed softly, he couldn’t believe he was a little bit jealous when his wife mentioned the handsome decorator, he laughed at himself again. He like surprises, especially when it was being given by his wife but she had said WE, who are the WE? It wasn’t his birthday, it wasn’t their wedding anniversary, so what could the surprise be? He maneuvered his way out of the busy airport car park where he had packed two days ago on his way to Port Harcourt. He speed down the road, getting excited as he drew nearer to his office. He didn’t want to alert his wife and the WE that were waiting for him, so he packed his car outside the company premises. 
          He scanned the street, no familiar car was packed on the street, where are the WE? He entered the compound and yet there were no cars except his wife. What’s that girl up too, he thought has he rode the elevator to the 12th floor where his office was. 

          As he stepped into the lobby, he marched something on the floor, it was his wife’s shoe! A yellow sticker note paper glued to it read, ‘Follow your heart.’ A broad smile danced on his lips, he took slow steps towards the receptionist table where he has spotted the second shoe. ‘Welcome home DADDY.’ Seyi was giggling like a baby but something wasn’t clear, she had mentioned WE and clearly this was the ‘Loose your garment’ game, his wife could not be naked in front of some people, she wasn’t that crazy! Seyi walked down the hallway towards his office, picking clues on the way. He knew his wife loved to prank him, he wouldn’t be surprised if he got to his office and find a bunch of people there with his wife fully clothed, she was just doing this to mislead him! He picked up her skirt, it read, ‘Did you miss me?Oh yes! He thought. He picked up her blouse, it read, ‘I’ve got EVIDENCE!’ ‘What evidence? Oh my, this is scary and exciting! What evidence? What have I done?’ Then he saw her bra few feets away from his office door, it read, ‘Are you ready to share?’ Share what? Not his wife obviously. His heart raced in his chest, he needed to see what was behind the door. On the doorknob hung her panties covered in sticker notes. He spread out the panties and it read, ’30 weeks to go,’ and he was really confused. He added the panties to the rest of her clothes on his arm and hand and turned the knob. There she was, by the side of his new table, naked except for the stickers note on her body. 
          His arm slacked and he dropped the clothes he was holding. There was a sticker note on each nipple, three on her stomach and one at the apex of her vagina. The note on her right nipple read, ‘we’ the one on the left read, ‘miss’ the ones on her stomach read, ‘DADDY’ with an arrow point down and the one on her vagina read, ‘you’ with an arrow pointing up, ‘we miss you daddy.’ Seyi took calculated steps towards Funmi, eating her up with his eyes as he moved closer, saying nothing with his mouth but saying everything with his eyes. He looked like a predator scouting a prey. He extended his hand to her right breast, intending to remove the note, Funmi slapped his hand away and said, 

‘You can’t touch until you decipher the code boy, read all you clues and tell me the message.’ 

‘Awwww! Baby. Don’t be mean! How can my brain work now? You don’t play fair!’ He tried to touch her again, she stepped aside. 

‘No message, no touch.’ Reluctantly he gathered the discarded items and rearranged them in the order found. ‘Follow your heart’, ‘welcome home DADDY’, ‘did you miss me’, ‘I’ve got EVIDENCE’, ‘Are you ready to share?’, ’30 weeks to go’ and ‘WE miss you DADDY!’ 

He read it and tried to concentrate. Emphasis was ‘we’ ‘evidence’ and ‘daddy’, she was alone so who were the WE and the word daddy was a new word in their pet name vocabulary. Then he looked at the ‘daddy’ which was placed on her tummy, then the are you ready to share’ which was on her bra, then ‘I’ve got evidence,’ which was on the blouse and finally ’30 weeks to go’. 

‘Oh my God! You are pregnant! You are pregnant!He screamed in disbelief and rushed towards his wife. He hugged her hard, dropping kisses everywhere he could reach. 

‘Oh baby, we are pregnant!’ He said holding Funmi at arms length, he examined her rapidly then drew her back into his arms. Funmi giggled as her husband hugged and trailed kisses all over her face. 

‘Stop, stop, you are squeezing your baby!’ She admonished laughingly. Seyi released her from the hug, concern and excitement all over his face. 

‘Can I hurt the baby like that?’ 

‘No, not really, just joking.’ 

‘Great!’ he said as he pulled her into another bear hug but it wasn’t hard this time but he whirled her. 

‘Thank you baby, you’ve made me a daddy! I’m so proud of you.‘ He said stroking her back. 

Funmi shivered, ‘Are you cold honey?’ 

‘Yes, give me my dress!’ She said leaving her husband’s embrace. 

‘Oh no! First we have to keep you warm, second we have to celebrate our new joy, third we have to christen these pieces of furniture besides, you don’t really think I will let you go after seeing you like this!’ Seyi said dropping kisses on her face. 

‘Oh really? Well, you have to catch me first!’ Funmi said dashing out of Seyi’s reach and they chased each other around the office till Seyi caught her. 

‘Now you are not cold anymore!’ 
          He picked her and dropped her at the center of his new table. He cupped her sweaty face in his hands and kissed her. First on the lips then Funmi opened her mouth and the kiss went hot. Funmi drew her husband nearer, she began to undo his dress, Seyi cooperated, doing his part of removing his hands from his shirt and stepping out of his briefs and jeans. Funmi found the object of her pleasure, she held it with both hands, massaging it. Her husband moaned into her mouth. ‘Arhhhh!’ She went below and massaged his balls. Seyi grabbed Funmi’s thighs and broke the kiss moaning, Funmi took the opportunity to explore the rest of his body without letting go of his dick or balls. Funmi traced kisses along her husband’s neckline, sucking his Adam’s apple, then taking it further to his right ear. ‘Oh baby, I miss you. Iiisssshhhzzz Ssshhh.’ Funmi rolled a nipple on her tongue before taking it into her mouth. Seyi can’t take it anymore.’ He grabbed her butt and drew her to the edge of the table. He entered her gently. ‘Aaaarrrrwwwwooooohhhhh.’ Funmi moaned and dropped her head on her husband’s chest and circled her hands around his neck while he wrapped his hands around her too. For a man that has missed his wife, he was moving too slow and Funmi wanted to be fucked in all the fifty shades of fuckery. 

‘You know, you can’t hurt me or the baby if you go faster and harder.’ She said into Seyi’s ears. 

‘Really? Why didn’t you tell me that before?!’ 
          They but laughed but it turned into moaning as they both danced to the rhythm of sex. Seyi surged into Funmi and she screamed, she rested her back on the table and her husband drew her closer off the edge, she raised her legs to rest on his left shoulder. Seyi spread her legs and put one leg on his right shoulder, giving him access to her clitoris. He rubbed with his thumb as he drove in and out of his wife. Funmi was lost in the sensation and the double pleasure she was experiencing. She moaned loudly, matching her husband’s groaning. ‘I’m coming baby, come with me…’ As if on cue, everything in her pulled towards her center and she came has her husband poured his seed. ‘Aargh, ooowwhh, iissshh, wwwoooohg, aaarrghhhh!’ Who said what, I don’t know! They both laid on the table spent, Funmi crept into her husband’s embrace on the table and caressed his chest hair. 

‘Can we go home now?’ Funmi asked. Seyi propped himself up on one arm looking down at his wife. 

‘Home ke? We haven’t christened the chair, the couch, and the shelf! We are not leaving until we name them!’ And so they began again

          His phone rang and it brought Seyi out of his daydream, he answered it and began packing his laptop. Those were the good old days but one thing was certain, he does not know the surprise but she sure wasn’t pregnant.


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…To be continued…

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