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          Seyi was moody and frustrated, a constant pain nudged at his groin, he craved for release. He needed to bury himself in his wife’s cunt or any woman for that matter. He has never cheated on his wife but when she has refused to give him sex, he felt he has no choice. He has reached his limit, he needed the tender feel of a female around him. He weighed his options. Should he encourage his female colleague who has been dropping hints and flirting with him? She will gladly give it to him, that he was sure of but office romance could be dangerous, apart from that, his staffs knew and adored his wife, the gossip might reach her ears. He wished he was one of those guys who pick girls off the street but he could not. Another option was to go on a dating site. That’s dangerous too, all these yahoo boys forming ladies online; besides, he was a popular person, he couldn’t risk it.
          He picked up his blackberry and scrolled through it, checking display pictures. Some girls have been trying to get his attention, he shortlisted them to two, SUGARBERRY and SEXYTEE. He said hello to them simultaneously and chatted with them alternatively.
Seyi: Hi.

Sugarberry: Hello! Wow! R u sure dis isn’t a mistake???

Seyi: Lol, no it’s not. How are you?

Sugarberry: I’m fine. Dis 1 dat u remember me today, I will kill a chicken ooo.?

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Seyi: I’m sorry, I’m just not the chatting type but I always admire your pictures though.

Sugarberry: Really? Wow, tanx, I tot I was invisible 2 u, anyway, it’s gud 2 finally av u here??☺️

Seyi: Same here. Tell me about yourself.

Sugarberry: Well, am Bimbo, in my twenties, an undergraduate studying Economics. Am single, a Christian, I lik 2                   

                         hang out wit my friends, I lik 2 swim, I don’t lik selfish pple, I hate disappointment. I tink dat’s all       

                         4 now. U?

Seyi: I’m 36 years old, married with kids, Christian. I’m a private person but likes to have fun too. You               

           can ask me anything else you wish to know.

Sugarberry: Dats ok 4 now, so 2 what do I owe dis conversation?

Seyi: Don’t be like that… ?I just want to make friends and see where it goes. Is that ok?

Sugarberry: Yes dats ok. Welcome 2 my world.

Seyi: Maybe we can do lunch later in the week?

Sugarberry: No p, just let me know on tim so I can put it in my plans.

Seyi: Ok, I will. I have to get back to work now, I will talk to you later. Nice chatting with you

Sugarberry: Same here. Can we exchange numbers?

Seyi: Sure….

And so they exchanged numbers. 
Seyi: Hello

Sexytee: Hi

Seyi: How do you do?

Sexytee: How do you do too?

Seyi: I’m fine, thank you. May I know you?

Sexytee: I’m ok Mr Olorunda. Don’t you remember me??

Seyi: Forgive my shortsightedness, please remind me.

Sexytee: We met when you came to deliver a speech in my school. I was the Vise President of FASA         

                    then and I was in charge of your welfare.

Seyi: Oh! I remember! Forgive me, it’s old age. Remind me of your name again.

Sexytee: ?????????I like a man that laugh at his mistakes. My name is Tolu, So what’s up?

Seyi: I’m good, trying to make ends meet? You should be graduating this year, I think?

Sexytee: Yes I am by the grace of God, the only problem I have is Professor Dairo, the old man can     

                    waste someone’s time! You should know him, he gave the welcome speech that day.

Seyi: Yeah! He’s a family friend you know? He was the one who made me come give the speech. I 

                    will tell him you said he’s a time wasting old man!?

Sexytee: You dare not?! I will kill you?! On a serious not, please drop a good word on my behalf to his     

                     ears, my mates are on chapter 3, he hasn’t even approved my chapter 1!!! Biko????

Seyi:? I will see what I can do since you have threatened to kill me!???

Sexytee: Good! ?I promise to make it up to you!

Seyi: Hmmmmmm, promise! How do you plan to make it up?

Sexytee: Hmmm, one way or the other, or should I ask, how can I make it up to you?☺️

Seyi: How about we start with friendship?

Sexytee: Done! We’re friends. I’ve lectures, gtg. I will ping you when I’m free, if it’s ok with you?

Seyi: Of course, I have a meeting too, if I don’t respond, it means I’m busy but I will reply ASAP.

Sexytee: Nice chatting with you. Later. Ciao.???????

Seyi: Same here, bye dear


          A stupid smile was playing on Seyi’s lips all the time they were chatting. He felt needed, wanted, important, he felt like a man again, something he hasn’t felt in a long time. He read their chats again, trying to pick one out of the two girls. Bimbo sound easy, not too serious and fun. He checked her picture again, she’s beautiful. On the other hand was Tolu, a very pleasant girl, he remembered how smitten she was on him but she tried very hard to cover it then. He checked her pictures again, she has matured into a curvy lady. He couldn’t make up his mind. 

“What are you doing? You are married! You know these girls don’t really care about you! Do You want to cheat on your wife? “A part of his conscience pricked him, the other part responded. “And so? How do you know the girls don’t like him? Besides, do you know what his wife his doing at work? After all, if she’s not getting it from her husband she must be getting it from someone else.” The other part justified! “How dare you ever think that woman will cheat on you? She loves you and you haven’t exactly make things easy for her! You should talk to her, tell her how you feel, worse come to worst both of you visit a counsellor! You know you haven’t tried your best,” the first part of his conscience rationalized. “Oh really? How many times did he reach out and she shunned him? If you keep talking to her you will appear weak jor. Just do what you have to do to make you feel good. He’s just going to help himself, moreover, he is not sending her out of his house or divorcing her. Guy, sharp up jor, besides, what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her!” The other half countered. “But….” ‘Shut up both of you! Arrrrrgghhhh!’ Seyi said to the air as his friend and colleague, Audu, entered his office. 

‘Guy, who you they follow talk?’ Audu eyed the sit opposite Seyi suspiciously. 

‘I was on the phone, what’s up? Is the file I asked for ready?’ Seyi quickly changed the subject.

‘I’ve given it to your secretary to correct the mistakes and mail to you, that’s what I came to tell you.’

‘Thanks, please tell that girl to hurry up, I need to meet all executives in fifteen minutes.’ 

‘Yes boss.’ Audu said throwing a mock salute. Seyi threw a paper clip at him, he dodged and shut the door.

    Seyi ignored the vibration on his phone, it was the sound of someone pinging him. Who could be trying to get his attention? Maybe his wife but he doubted that unless there was an emergency, he picked up his phone and a call came through, he didn’t recognize the number, it was unusual for unknown numbers to call his private line. Fear gripped his heart as he thought of a hundred bad things that could happen. 

‘Excuse me please.’ Seyi said to his coworkers before answering his call. 


‘Hello dear.’ 

‘Who’s this?’ Seyi said looking at the number again. 

‘Awwww, so you didn’t save my number, it’s me, Bimbo, Sugarberry.’ She said. Relief flushed through his bones and a bit of anger slipped in. Why is she calling him? 

‘Oh, sorry, I will save it now. I’m in a meeting, can I call you back?’ Seyi said. 

‘Ok, just checking on you when you didn’t read your chat.’ 

‘Ok, thanks, I’ll call you soon.’ Seyi ended his call. 

          What have I gotten myself into? Am I ready for this? Can I handle this? I love my family despite everything that has happened, I don’t want to hurt them, especially my kids! If I want to do this, I have to lay some ground rules for these girls. 

‘So Mr. Olorunda, what do you think we should do about the FLAK account with these figures?’ The head of marketing asked Seyi but he was not concentrating. He dragged his mind back to the meeting.

‘Let me hear the figures again.’


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…To be continued…

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 Written by Olatorera 

 Edited by Olatorera and Ola Adeyemi Smith

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