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          …‘Come on. Don’t be like that. Okay, I will make it up to you! Ask for anything you want!’ The moment he said that he knew he has put himself in a compromising position! Women don’t ask for little things when you give them a free pass!

Toyin wasn’t sure of what to ask for, she was going to say a vacation in Rome but he already promised her that for her birthday then she remembered Paul’s request to get the kids a puppy.

‘Okay, since you love your kids more than your wife, I think they deserve a puppy.’ She said.

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‘Hmmm! I thought we agreed to give them one for Christmas!’

‘Yes but it’s their birthday and a friend wants to give them a puppy! He saw how much they…’

‘Wait! He? A friend? Who’s this he-friend I don’t know about?’ The husband asked.

‘Hmmm! Someone is jealous! Hahahaha!’

‘Ose! Who is he?’

‘Keep your cool husband! No one is stealing your wife! His name is Paul and he’s Ola’s boyfriend!’

‘Ola has a boyfriend? When was this? Are you sure!’

‘Yes I am sure and I invited him to the party!’

‘Hmmm! You know Ola, she’s not interested in love! Do you know how many of my friends we have tried to match her with? I don’t think this is true!’

‘Oh yee of little faith! Anyways, he wants to get the children a puppy and I think it’s a good idea. One, it will get the kids together and our neighbor’s dog can rest! Two, it will make Ola fall in love with him quickly! Who doesn’t like a man that loves children and dog!’

‘Hmmmm! So you are saying she’s not in love with this guy and you want him to get our children a puppy! I don’t think so!’

‘Come on, don’t be ridiculous! Of course, Ola likes him, why would she introduce him to me if she didn’t? I’m just saying it will help their love grow! Besides, you told me to ask for anything I want and that’s it!’ She lied and cajoled.

‘I knew it was trouble to tell you that! Anyways, if that’s what you want, no problem!’

‘Great! Thank honey!’ She said kissing him on the lips. She had hoped to give him a fast one on the lips but her husband seized her lips and deepened the kiss. She succumbed to the fire and her husband was reaching for her breast when they heard!

‘Mummy! D-boy took my toothbrush! Daddy come!’

The parents looked at each other with lust and regrets before unlocking from each other’s embrace!

‘A rain check for tonight?’ The husband asked!

‘Isn’t that how we got these two monster?’ She said and they both laughed before dashing for the children’s room.


          SOMETHING crazy had just happened and Ola wished she could explain it. She actually slept! It hadn’t happened in a long while. If crime didn’t keep her sleep away, insomnia would but none kept it away last night. She stretched her arms and feet cracking up tight muscles in her body. She looked at the time and it was past seven! “Oh my God!” She said jumping up then she remembered she didn’t have to rush to work today and she relaxed! She hadn’t slept into the morning in a long while. She casted her mind back to the previous night and recalled her activities. She got home, worked on her case file, she ate and started daydreaming about Paul. She imagined him doing all kind of things to her body and the last thing she remembered was imagining him giving her a massage after a mind blowing sex. If thinking about him alone could give her a peaceful night then he should be good for her! “I could use him”, she thought. “I don’t have to get serious with him or marry him, we could just be friends with benefits. I have seen the lust for me in his eyes, he wants me!” She told herself but before she could let the idea set in, her ever judging subconscious replied her.

“What happened to your no dating in work zone policy? So you think you can handle an affair with paul? Can’t you see he’s a player? Oh! You think you are smart abi? By the way Ola, who told you your heart is immune to love? You think you can’t fall in love with him while using him for sex and sleep? Why are you deceiving yourself? I pity you oo!”

Usually there were two sides to her subconscious but one was quite today. She didn’t know if this one was the good or the bad one or could they had agreed on this one? That didn’t happened very often.

“So what are you saying?” She asked herself aloud.

“Think about it very well, it’s either you are in or out, no sitting on a fence. Open your heart to love, moreover, you are not getting younger. I know to the world you look independent and you are okay with your job but you and I know deep down in your heart, you want a family, someone to love and reciprocate that love! He’s not bad really!” Her heart advocated for love.

Well, it was true. She loved her job, she enjoyed it and she was very good at it but sometimes she longed for strong hands waiting for her at home after a long day. She wanted children, not more than two but she wanted her own ‘mini mes’. She wanted to make her parents happy, as it would bring them immense joy if she married. They would be proud of her and they might finally forgive her for being a policewoman. Most times her sister invited her out on family occasions, she wouldn’t go because she would feel lonely and underachieved! If she had her own family, it wouldn’t be awkward to go on a picnic with her sister!

“Yeah! I want a family!” She whispered like the walls could hear and tell the world her secrets.

“Yes you do!” Her evading subconscious replied her!

“But it’s a bad time to think about love and family! This case is very important to me and I need a clear head so love is going to wait!”

“Hahahahaha! Keep deceiving yourself! There’s always going to be a case! Will you stop being a policewoman when you get married? I doubt that so learn to manage your work and your home! In fact, this is a good time to practice!”

“Leave me alone! It’s not your fault. If I’m not lying idle here, you won’t occupy my heart!” She thought and with that she stood up and headed for the kitchen.

          IT’S been long she had a fresh meal, in fact, it has been a long time she cooked for herself or anyone for that matter. Funny enough, she was a good cook and she had a delicious palate but work had reduced her life to food-on-the-go. Since she had today, she decided to cook and go all out. Her first stop was her freezer, she brought every food item in the freezer out and took stock. She had raw meat, fish, grounded pepper, ready-to-fry small shops, prawn and chicken. She raised each one to her nose checking if they were still good. Satisfied they were good, she dumped them in the zink and opened the tap on them while grabbing a napkin at the same time. She cleaned her freezer and rearranged the remaining food. She still had two bowls of her favorite ice cream and lots of chocolates. She was tempted to eat one but had to remind herself she was going to a party later in the day where there would be lots of junk food! She went into her pantry to look for what to cook and she was happy it was full! She had options but she chose spaghetti and macaroni.

First she put on music and made herself a pot of green tea before getting down to work. She started mincing meat for meatballs, she seasoned and shaped them into many shapes before dumping pepper on them. She left the meat to absorb the season and pepper them moved to the chicken, fish and prawn. She cleaned and seasoned them too. As she worked, she zipped her tea and swayed her body to the music coming from the stereo. She fired the gas and started frying and at the same time per-boiling her pasta. She checked her table, where she put fruits and there were apples, carrots and bananas. They weren’t what she wanted but she could make do with them.

An hour later, she admired the food art she had created. The house smelled nice but then it hit her! What was she going to do with all these foods! The food she made could easily feed four adults! First she thought she would take them to the party but she doubted it would make any difference with the kind of food she would meet there. So she decided to store them in the freezer again! She could have pasta for the next one week or take them to work on Monday. Once in a while she took food to the office for the chief and Smith and they loved her cooking. That settled, she sat down to eat her spaghetti and macaroni garnished with prawn, fish, chicken and meatballs with a cup of pineapple juice while watching TV! Life is good!


          NO one could accuse him of not dressing well, in fact, he was known as a dashing dresser but today he wasn’t sure of himself. He laid many clothes on the bed trying to make up his mind. He has gone to many events and he knew the right attire for each one but never had he been to a children’s party! The children party was not the problem but he was also trying to impress Ola. Finally he settled for a pair of jeans and a white and blue polo shirt. He was a gym rat, he didn’t joke with his fitness and his six park was intact yet he felt unsecured around Ola. She was a beautiful lady, well built with the right curves, highly intelligent and sexy! Her only flaw so far was her stubbornness! He wanted to get to her house as early as possible so she could ride with him as suggested by her sister but there was one problem, he didn’t know her address. If he called her, she wouldn’t give him and she would be aware he was coming. He could ask at the station or ask the chief but he didn’t want to get the station into their private affairs. His last option was to call Toyin again. It rang severally before it was picked. There was so much noise in the background, and Toyin sounded out of breath when he said;

Paul: Hello
Toyin: Hi Paul! Don’t tell me you are not coming again! D-boy! Stop eating that!
Paul: No chance! Looks like you are busy!
Toyin: It’s these children! They are driving me crazy! What’s up?
Paul: Erm, I need your sister’s address and I don’t want to ask her!
Toyin: Ohk! I will text you the address asap. Come early oo!
Paul: I am ready as soon as your sister is!
Toyin: Great! See you soon! Gabby! Noooo! Don’t stain your cloth…

She was gone before he could say goodbye.

Taking one last look at himself in the mirror, he left home in pursuit of lust or maybe love…


          IT was one o’clock in the afternoon and Doctor Akin was ready to close. He had told Becky to put on the CLOSE board as he was seeing to his last patient. Others with animal problems would have to wait or see another doctor as he had human problems! He couldn’t afford to miss his appointment with Inspection Ola and the barrister. He didn’t want child care to take away his child and he was glad that the policewoman had offered to help him. The first thing he did when he got to the office was giving Becky money. He told her to take Junior to a boutique and shop for party clothes as all his clothes were in his mother’s house and police would not let them in. He told them to get gift for the celebrants too. He checked his phone for the address Ola promised to send but it wasn’t there. However, as he was dropping his phone on the table a message came in and it was from her. He breathed in relief. He pressed the intercom and called Becky into his office.

‘Yes Doctor?’

‘Where’s Junior?’

‘With the animals as usual!’

‘I hope he won’t dirty his cloth!’

‘I’ve not worn his party cloth for him. Are you ready to go?’

‘Yes, please dress him up.’

‘Okay. Are you okay? Will you be OK there? I can follow you if you don’t mind…’

‘I will be fine thank you. Don’t worry yourself.’

‘Okay, let me go take care of Junior. By the way, I’ve put the gift I bought in your car.’

‘Thank you Becky.’

Sometimes he wondered what he would do if she left him. Becky has been so good to him. She did more than it was required of her and never complained about anything. She was a God sent. He wouldn’t have minded her coming along with him. A familiar face would help but he knew everything he did would be judged so he had to say no. He believed he would be alright, just had to make sure the police didn’t talk to his son alone! His son dressed and excited, they began their journey. Unknown to him, he was handing over his secrets to the police.


          AFTER sending a text to Doctor Akin, Ola decided to hit the shower. She was taking her time initially but she was now running out of time. She didn’t want to get to the party on time or ahead of invited guests. If she did, it would give her parents the chance to question her about her life. Her parents were expecting her to show up with a boyfriend and her nosy sister had paired her with Paul but she was going to surprise all of them and show up alone! She had a feeling something was cooking behind her back though. Paul had been clear on the fact that he was taking her to the party but he has been quite so far. Shouldn’t he be calling and texting asking for her address? Or did he forget about the party? Thinking about that alone broke her heart. She smiled at her reflection as she passed the mirror, it wasn’t her reflection that was amusing her, it was her thoughts. Here she was trying to outsmart him and leave him behind yet she was angry at the thought that he might not come! Make up your mind girl!

The doorbell sound tore through the house interrupting her peaceful bath. The person on the other side of the door was pressing the bell like his or her life depended on it! She wasn’t expecting anyone and she couldn’t think of anyone except for Paul but that was far fetched! Stepping out of the bathtub, she quickly grabbed two towels, wrapped one around her body and the other around her head. On a second thought, she grabbed her robe wearing it, running to the door and screaming; ‘I’m coming!’

Paul stood there pressing the bell with his heart racing. No one was answering and he thought she had left without him. Then he thought she could be inside hiding from him, after all, her car was parked outside so he kept pressing the bell like a maniac! Then he heard her voice and then running feet towards him.

‘Who’s that?’ She asked as she opened the door.

‘Paul Balogun.’ He simply said.

When she opened the door, it was him truly starring lustfully at her wet body in towels and robe!


          HER robe was slightly opened but a towel blocked his view, however, her skin glittered and glowed. Water dripped slowly down her face onto her neck. Her mouth was ajar and her eyes were wild. It took everything in him to remain on the spot and not grab her into his hands. He wanted to say something but his throat was dry.

Ola couldn’t believe her eyes. She knew he was right in front of her but it also felt like a dream! He stood tall in her doorway like a Roman god. His handsome face sitting on a neck that shouldered a well built chest which filled his shirt. She felt like rushing into his arms and feel every curve of his muscular chest! “Oh you wanton woman, stop lusting and start speaking!”

‘How did you get here?’ She managed to say and surprisingly her voice was audible!

‘I drove here in my car!’ He answered cracking a smile. Ola rolled her eyes at him remembering why she didn’t like him! He was too sure of himself.

‘No! I thought you flew! Who gave you my address?’ She asked still holding the door.

‘You know a good officer or lawyer never reveals his or her sources! And before you ask me what am I doing here, let me answer it. I’m her to pick you to the party!’

‘But I told…’

‘Sshhhh! Don’t let’s start! I’m following your sister’s instructions! Won’t you invite me in?’ He said stepping in before she responded. He did not trust her not to slap the door in his face so he took the risk.

Ola seemed lost for words as this man was used to leaving her speechless. He entered before she could bang the door on his face. She wanted to argue but suddenly the fight left her. What was the point? He looked determined and she was already running late for the party. She closed the door and told him to sit down before walking off. She tried to sway her body but it seemed her legs were confused!

Paul watched as she climbed the stairs and admired her back view. He desperately wished he had X-ray vision and could see through her robe and towel but he couldn’t. His manhood started responding to his thoughts but he quickly controlled it. He took his mind off her by registering his surroundings. It was a very neat house. It was a duplex that was colorfully decorated. It reflected the soft side of Ola. You couldn’t say this house belonged to a policewoman because it was tastefully and classically decorated. Family pictures hung on the walls and floor. There were flower pots here and there and the house smelled wonderful! He took a seat right before the television and started flipping through channels. Their case was on the news. Newscasters tried to tear and put the case together. He watched them for a while then flipped to the music channel.

Ola had chosen what to wear before but now that Paul was there, she wasn’t sure again. Was it sexy enough? Would she be comfortable? Would he like it?

“Oh Ola! Get a grip of yourself and get dressed! The guy is dressed in jeans and shirt for pete’s sake! Your gown is okay!”


         IT was an off-white gown with flower designs on it. She began peering blue accessories with it. She was planning on wearing pink accessories before but she didn’t want to look too girl, however, she also didn’t know why the color blue kept flashing in her brain. She felt bad for not offering him anything to drink or eat but she justified it as his punishment for coming uninvited! She added her makeup and sprayed perfume before looking herself in the full mirror. She looked good, more than good! He confidence was visible as she grabbed her purse and left her room.

She walked down the stairs trying to look elegant but also carefree like his opinion didn’t matter but deep down, it matters to her. As she steeped on the landing their eyes locked and she knew why she chose blue accessories! It matched his! She wanted to run back and change but it was too late as he was walking towards her.

Paul heard the feet movement and looked up. He first saw a blue ballerina shoes with white buttons then he saw her lovely long legs up to her knees and then the lovely flowered fabrics. He couldn’t wait and so he skipped the rest of her body to her face as she reached the landing. She looked like a princess from a Disney movie. He stood unconsciously and started walking towards her. He wanted to hold her with care but also peel the dress from her body. This wasn’t the policewoman he knew. The pantsuit was gone and a curvy female was before him. Her hair was parked in a ponytail and he could see every inch of her face. Her hair, clothes and accessories were an extension of her beauty and they complimented her so well. She looked effortlessly beautiful!

For some seconds Ola thought he was going to grab her and she was sure she wouldn’t resist but just as he was a few feet away from her, he stopped.

‘You look gorgeous Ola!’ He said in a cracked voice laced with lust.

‘Thank you!’ She replied in an equal voice.

‘Shall we leave now?’


Paul needed the fresh air. He wanted to get out of the house as soon as possible because he didn’t trust himself not to grab her and disrobe her! He wanted her so badly.

Ola was grateful for the fresh air. If she inhaled his perfume for another second, she might jump him and kiss the heck out of his well chiseled lips

…to be continued…



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