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         PAUL wished he knew the road like his cab driver. They met with lots of traffic on the way but the man kept going into one street after another and in no time they got to the station. He collected his car and drove to his office which was not too far from the police station. He was very hungry as he had forgotten everything when he was with Ola. He ordered for a meal as he typed all he knew about the case on in his computer. He laughed when he got to how they blackmailed the doctor and it made him feel adventurous. He remembered the sweet boy too and that reminded him of the party he was invited too.

He logged on to Facebook and searched for Ola. She wasn’t hard to find but her page gave nothing away about her private life. He wasn’t looking for her anyway, he was looking for her sister. He got her name and sent her a request with a note.

“Hi. I’m Paul the guy who will marry your sister if everything goes well. Add me up please.”

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He hit the send button before he had time to think off what he wrote! Did I just commit myself? Oh no! His food arrived and he forgot everything for a while.

          HE returned to his computer to finish his work but he couldn’t concentrate as he was checking Facebook every minute to see if his request has been accepted. He thought of canceling the request but he couldn’t. He went back to her page to see when last she posted a picture or anything. It was two hours ago, she posted her children’s birthday invitations and that was how Paul was hooked to her Facebook page. He found himself going through her profile and pictures and he fell in love with her kids. This woman was very proud of her family. She’s posting every achievement of her kids. She posted their fights, arguments, funny moments, pranks and everything else you could think of. Paul laughed to the videos he watched and he felt like he knew the children already.

He saw a video of them chasing a dog around and the look on their faces was of joy but the mother was calling them to come in and leave their neighbor’s dog alone. The father, who was obviously behind the camera was telling his wife to leave them alone and the mother retorted that he was the one indulging them. The pictures they took in the zoo with animals were plenty and it looked like their happiest moment. He was so lost in the children’s pictures that he didn’t see his notification badge popping up now and then until his message box filled the screen.
            A message from Toyin Jacobs.

He opened it eagerly.

“If you can make my sister disappear from the single and independent club, the I owe you lunch every Sunday for the rest of my life! Lol! Welcome to the family in advance!”

Paul laughed very hard and he was almost crying. It was when he saw she was still online and knew she had accepted his friend’s request.

Paul: Hi. Good to hear from you!

Toyin: Same here bro. How’s work?

Paul: It’s tough but we will get out of it. How’s the party preparation?

Toyin: It’s coming together well. I got to go, many things yet to be done.

Paul: Okay. A quick one then, I don’t know what to get the children, I see they love dogs, can I get them a puppy?

Toyin: Arh! Yes they love dogs and we were thinking of getting them one for Christmas! Let me talk to their father and I will get back to you asap.

Paul: Okay. Thanks. If it’s not okay to get them dogs, please kindly give me a pointer on what to get them.

Toyin: No problem! Thanks for reaching out.

Paul: My pleasure. You can reach me 08023139224.

Toyin: I will give you a call before the day runs out! Bye.

Paul: Bye.

That out of the way, he got back to putting the case together.


          SHE had always loved children and she was thinking of having one more but the stress the children were giving her over their birthday has made her think otherwise. They were adding and removing things like it was a mathematical challenge written on the board with chalk and could easily be cleared! She watched her husband pretending to be busy on his laptop when in fact he was just avoiding the argument!

‘You guys should make up your mind now! Once I order these things I’m not returning them to the stores! If you change your mind one more time you are not having a party!’ She threatened almost meaning it and the look on the children’s faces showed they believed her too!

‘Mum! You can’t do that to us!’ Darasimi said while Gabriella just gasped in shock.

‘If you guys can’t agree on the color you want to wear together, then there’s no point!’

‘But mom, can’t we were different clothes all through?’ Gabriella said almost in tears at the thought of her birthday party being canceled. It broke their mother’s heart to see the terrifying look on her children’s faces but she had to do it, else the would drive her crazy before Sunday.

‘You already have two different attires to wear, we need you to wear one color together with mom and dad! So decide now or I will decide for you!’

‘I choose blue!’ Darasimi said.

‘No! Purple! It’s my fifth birthday!’ Gabriella said with more force.

‘It’s my seventh birthday too and I’m older than you! I say blue! Purple is not a fine color!’ Darasimi insisted!

‘I’m the baby and daddy’s favorite! Give me what I want!’ Gabriella argued.

‘No! Daddy loves me more!’

‘No! He loves me!’

And so the argument began! Again! Sometimes these kids behaved like twins, you couldn’t get in between them and sometimes they argued like enemies! She was about to scream when her daughter ran to her father on the couch. Darasimi dashed after her and caught her in time saying;

‘Daddy! Who’s your favorite? Am I not daddy’s little princess?’

‘And I am daddy’s big boy!’ Darasimi retorted.

          HE has been avoiding this all day! It has been like this for over three weeks and he couldn’t wait for the party to be over! There was always something to argue about and he tried very hard to escape from contributing but it wasn’t working that evening. He cleared his voice and silently prayed for wisdom.

‘Hey! Don’t fight guys! I love both of you equally! Yes you are daddy’s little princess and you are also daddy’s big boy! Okay, what about if we all wear white then you can use accessories of any color you like?’ He said praying it would solve the problem.

Toyin watched with her mouth ajar. Why couldn’t she think of that idea but more importantly, Why has he been watching her agony if he had the perfect solution? She was a bit angry with her husband but more anxious to see what the children thought of it. She could see they were thinking hard about the idea.

‘Can I have a blue shoe, cap, belt and wristwatch?’

‘Yes, I think mommy can find that!’ He said looking up and into his wife’s face and he was scared of what he found there! Oops! Daddy is in trouble!

‘And can I have purple sparkles with love on my dress? I want purple shoes, wristwatch, wristband and crown too!’

‘Ehm, we will do our best Gabby!’ He said scared to look at his wife’s face. The children seemed to agree on something finally and they were smiling!

‘I love you daddy!’ Gabriella said hugging her father! He kissed her cheeks and grabbed his son into his embrace. He whispered into their ears;

‘Now go and hug mommy and tell her you love her too. Kiss her until she laughs!’ The children giggled and ran to their mother.

‘We love you mommy!’ They chorused jumping into her body almost knocking her off her feet. She bent down to their level so she could hug them. No matter how mad they drove her, their smiles were enough to lift her spirit. They started kissing her all over her face and her heart melted and laughter filled her mouth.

‘Oh-oh-okay guys! I love you too! Now go to your room, brush your teeth, pray and hit the bed. Daddy will come and tuck you in.’

‘Okay mommy!’ They said running off.

Toyin knew her husband put the children to the show of love but that didn’t get him off the hook. She walked into his space and said;

‘So Mr. Jacobs, you like to be the hero while I do the hard work ba?’ The husband knew he was in trouble once he heard “Mr. Jacobs”! He stood up and raised his hands to his wife’s shoulders. He was glad she didn’t shake them away, it meant she wasn’t really angry. She just wanted to be begged and he had learned a long time ago that saying “I’m sorry” will solve half of the problems!

‘Honey, you are the real heroin! I swear I thought of that white attire on the spot! I was surprised they took it! You know I love you?’


‘Come on. Don’t be like that. Okay, I will make it up to you! Ask for anything you want!’ The moment he said that he knew he has put himself in a compromising position! Women don’t ask for little things when you give them a free pass!

Toyin wasn’t sure of what to ask for, she was going to say a vacation in Rome but he already promised her that for her birthday then she remembered Paul’s request to get the kids a puppy.

‘Okay, since you love your kids more than your wife, I think they deserve a puppy.’ She said.

‘Hmmm! I thought we agreed to give them one for Christmas!’

‘Yes but it’s their birthday and a friend wants to give them a puppy! He saw how much they…’

‘Wait! He? A friend? Who’s this he-friend I don’t know about?’ The husband asked.

‘Hmmm! Someone is jealous! Hahahaha!’

‘Ose! Who is he?’

‘Keep your cool husband! No one is stealing your wife! His name is Paul and he’s Ola’s boyfriend!’

‘Ola has a boyfriend? When was this? Are you sure!’

‘Yes I am sure and I invited him to the party!’

‘Hmmm! You know Ola, she’s not interested in love! Do you know how many of my friends we have tried to match her with? I don’t think this is true!’

‘Oh yee of little faith! Anyways, he wants to get the children a puppy and I think it’s a good idea. One, it will get the kids together and our neighbor’s dog can rest! Two, it will make Ola fall in love with him quickly! Who doesn’t like a man that loves children and dog!’

‘Hmmmm! So you are saying she’s not in love with this guy and you want him to get our children a puppy! I don’t think so!’

‘Come on, don’t be ridiculous! Of course, Ola likes him, why would she introduce him to me if she didn’t? I’m just saying it will help their love grow! Besides, you told me to ask for anything I want and that’s it!’ She lied and cajoled.

‘I knew it was trouble to tell you that! Anyways, if that’s what you want, no problem!’

‘Great! Thank honey!’ She said kissing him on the lips. She had hoped to give him a fast one on the lips but her husband seized her lips and deepened the kiss. She succumbed to the fire and her husband was reaching for her breast when they heard!

‘Mummy! D-boy took my toothbrush! Daddy come!’

The parents looked at each other with lust and regrets before unlocking from each other’s embrace!

‘A rain check for tonight?’ The husband asked!

‘Isn’t that how we got these two monster?’ She said and they both laughed before dashing for the children’s room.

…to be continued…



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