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          OLA and Paul looked at each other, Becky unknowingly had helped them with some information. So the doctor had a wound on his finger, a cat bite Becky said. The blood must have get on Joy’s cheeks when he slapped her. The doctor had lots of explanation to do because he claimed he didn’t get near the victim but somehow his blood got on her cheeks with a slap mark.

‘Leave me be Becky! I am fine and can’t you see we have visitors?’ Dr. Akin said slightly embarrassed.

‘Oh, I’m sorry.’ She said quietly moving back to her desk.

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‘Junior, go play with Becky while I talk to my guests.’

‘Okay daddy.’ The young boy said walking in the direction Becky had while the doctor led the way to his office.

‘Can I offer you anything? Tea, coffee, water…?’ Dr. Akin asked his unwanted guests.

‘No we are good. Thank you.’

‘What brings you by? Any information for me?’

‘We are still working on the case. I’m here to inform you that the CCD will come for your son tomorrow.’ Ola said with the straightest face she could have while lying. She saw Paul’s eyes pop with the corner of her eyes.

‘What? Why would Child Care Department come for my boy?’ Dr. Akin screamed. What has he done again? All his troubles were for nothing if the CCD took his child away!

‘Calm down. You haven’t done anything wrong, it’s just protocol. The child was living with his mother and you don’t automatically get him just because his mother is dead. The authorities have to make sure he’s safe with you. It’s just for a few weeks…’

‘No! They can’t take him for a day! He’s very safe with me!’

‘If he was why didn’t the court give you custody? Let the CCD do their job. Okay?’

‘Please help me. The boy just lost his mother, he can’t lose his father too. I need him, he needs me. Please! Isn’t there anything you can do to help me?’ Dr. Akin pleaded but before Ola could answer, Paul stepped in.

‘Calm down Dr. Akin. I think I can help you. If you are to report at a police station every day with the kid and a high-ranking police officer and a lawyer are to vouch for you that the boy his safe, then he can stay with you till the CCD take their decision. I can vouch for you as a lawyer…’

‘Oh! Thank you! I will report at the station every hour if that’s what it takes!’

‘Well, you will need the detective to vouch for you too. Can you do that for him ma’am?’ Paul asked looking at Ola and Dr. Akin also shifted his pleading gaze on her. He looked desperate, this man wanted to keep his son at all cost. Could it be for love or for money?

‘Okay, no problem but I won’t be at the station on Sunday and you need to mark the attendant sheet every day till we get this sorted.’

‘I will come to anywhere you are. Please don’t let them take away my joy…’ He pleaded passionately.

Ola pretended to be thinking about the situation then smiled broadly as if she had found a loophole.

‘I will be in my niece and nephew’s birthday party on Sunday, you should dress ready to party for your son. He needs it and I don’t think he will be happy just seeing a children’s party and leaving immediately because the children that will be there are your son’s age too. If that’s okay, then we have a deal.’

‘Oh, that’s very Okay! Please let me have the address.’ Dr. Akin eagerly jumped at the opportunity with no idea he was being set up.

‘I will send it to you. We will be on our way now and I will call the CCD and tell them about our arrangements. Thanks for your cooperation.’ Ola said standing up and Paul followed suit. Their work was done.

          THIS woman was smart and manipulative. She could cook up a lie on the spot and he should be afraid of her. How would she be in a relationship? Manipulative and untrustworthy? No no no! It couldn’t be. He had noticed she couldn’t look in his eyes when she told a lie. That could be a good way to always know and she had been true to him all day, except when she told a lie about what the children like but that was understandable. “Arh Paul! You are defending her! You are gone!” His heart accused him as they left Dr. Akin’s office.

Ola has always had the poker face when it comes to her job. She could tell a lie to get to the truth and she never had a problem with that but today was different. She felt bad because she was trying to interview a young boy to implicate his father or bail him out from the situation, it could go both ways. Another reason she felt bad was because Paul was there and he saw her lied and even helped her. What must he be thinking of her? “Arh Ola! Don’t fool yourself! The man is a lawyer, he lies every day to protect his clients! Relax!” Ola was thinking as they walked into the lobby and saw the smiling Becky who looked relieved that the doctor wasn’t in handcuffs behind them but before Ola could return the smile, her face caught a portrait on her desk. She looked at it very well and she was sure she was not mistaken.

‘Oh Miss Becky, thank you for having us. This is a nice picture by the way.’ Ola said drawing Becky into a conversation and Paul’s attention to the picture on the table.

‘You are welcome ma’am. This picture is very important to me, she helped me got this job. I must call her and sympathize with her.’ She said looking said again.

‘That’s nice. So you and Miss Grace are friends?’ Paul asked with a smile.

‘She’s more like a benefactor. She got me off drugs and pleaded with the doctor to give me a job. She saved me from death like she was saved too. Many people tried to get me off but couldn’t succeed but when she came and told me her story of how she got into drugs and got out, I was inspired. I am forever grateful to her.’

‘Awww… That’s so nice of her. I hope you don’t use drugs anymore?’ Ola said looking for a way to ask her next question without looking suspicious.

‘I’m never going back to that life again! Besides, Grace always drops in unannounced and makes me pee in a bottle she takes to the lab, in fact, she was here three days ago! She’s my guardian angel.’ Becky said with gratefulness in her voice.

‘Well, congratulations on you staying clean. Please watch out for the boy, he needs all the love he could get.’

‘No problem ma’am, I love the boy like my own and please help us find the killer because the doctor is innocent.’ Becky said defending her boss.

Ola has heard it many times, loved ones defending the people they loved but most times they were wrong.

‘We are doing our best. Where’s Junior?’

‘He’s in the recovery playing with animals. Do you want to say goodbye? I can take you there.’

‘Thanks, please lead the way.’ Paul said.

          PAUL and ola looked at each other behind Becky’s back with different ideas running through their minds. Becky took them in the opposite direction from the doctor’s office. She opened a door and the smell or drugs and voices of animals hit them. The door must be a noise proof door because they heard nothing from the lobby. How would the doctor or his receptionist-cum-nurse hear the animals cry for help? There must be away. First, they came to a door that was marked, “DRUGS” on the left and right opposite it was another door tagged “OR” then “RECOVERY1” “RECOVERY2” “RECOVERY3” “TOILET.” They all had a see through glass door except for the toilet and Ola saw Junior in the “RECOVERY 3” playing with the dogs and cats. They all stood there for minutes that looked like an eternity watching the youth they had all lost.

The dogs and cats stopped running and started barking and mewing at the door alerting Junior that he had company. The young boy looked up and saw the adults looking at him. He was confused, has he done something bad? He didn’t know whether to invite them in or go out but the decision was made for him as Becky opened the door. The three adults smiled at him and he smiled back. He liked the policewoman, she was nice to him when everyone was crying and scaring him earlier.

‘Let the animals rest Junior. You have visitors anyways!’ She said to Junior picking the animals and putting them in their cages as she listened to the conversation between the detective and Junior. She looked and sounded like a nice woman, she was very nice to Junior and it seemed the boy liked her too. She felt a bit jealous, she didn’t want anyone getting too close to her boy. She had loved him from the very first day she met him. However, she wasn’t surprised that the detective was drawn to the boy, who wouldn’t like a cute and well-behaved boy from a rich family and especially one who just lost his mother?

‘Do you like parties Junior?’ Ola asked bending at the waist to be in the boy’s view.

‘Yes! Mummy said I will have a big party this year!’ He said clapping his hands with excitement then he looked confused and then sad. Ola wasn’t a mind reader but she knew the boy just remember his mother was no more. Who was the wicked person that did this to this sweet innocent boy? What if the father was found guilty? Who will be there for the boy? It was sad and she felt like wrapping him in her arms but she put on a smile and said;

‘You can still have your big party dear but my nephew and niece are having a party this weekend, I’m inviting you if you would like to come.’

‘Yes! Yes! Let me go and tell daddy!’ He said already bolting for the door.

‘Hey! Easy! I’ve told your daddy and I think he’s okay with it!’

‘Great! Thank you.’ Junior said hugging Ola. Ola held the boy closer and longer for a hug. She loved his soft and warm body in her arms.

Paul wondered why Ola was not married with a kid if she loved children this much. She held the boy like she never wanted to let him go. Paul wished she could one day hold him like that… He tapped her gently on the shoulder saying;

‘We have to go Ola.’

Ola pecked the boy’s cheeks before releasing him.

‘Okay champ! See you soon.’


The effect of Junior on Ola was unbelievable emotional. She didn’t want anyone to see she had a soft spot for him but water was already filling her eyes. She needed the ladies.

‘Erhm, Becky, please can I make use of your restroom?’ Ola asked Becky.

‘Yes of course but this one is broken. You can use the doctor’s which is in his office or the one outback. Both are very clean.’

‘The outback will do. Thank you.’ She said as Becky led them out through the way they came in. They thanked her as she showed Ola the way to the restroom.

‘Excuse me, I will right back.’ Ola said to Paul not meeting his gaze.

          PAUL doubted Ola was pressed, he felt she need privacy to gather her scattered wit. He watched her sway her delicate backside and smiled. This could be mine, he thought helplessly. In minutes she was back and they got on their way. Paul waited for her to bring up a conversation about the new findings they just stumbled on but she didn’t so he did.

‘This case is taking quite an interesting turn. Were you not surprised to see Becky and Grace are friends?’ He said bringing Ola to the present.

‘Yes it was. We have to add Becky to our suspects list. She could be in love with the doctor, see how protective she was of him and she’s glaringly in love with Junior, and she has access to the poison.’

‘That is a possibility. Also, she could be working for Grace. Her motive might be money and not love or Grace could be using her. We need to find a connection fast.’

‘Everyone looks guilty but we can’t find the connection yet. I need a break soon.’

‘Don’t beat yourself about it, it’s just a day into the investigation…’

‘No, it’s hours for the criminal to escape. Anyways, where shall I drop you? I’ve some personal errands to run.’

‘I left my car at the station but if you are in a hurry you can drop me anywhere convenient for you I will get a cab.’ Paul said obviously wounded that she wanted him gone.

‘I’m really sorry but I’ve to go. Let me drop you at the bus station, taxis are there.’ She said parking at the bus station and true to her words, Paul got a cab before Ola zoomed off.

          SHE drove herself to the shopping mall where she bought all the beautiful purple girls toys and blue boys toys she laid her eyes on. She had a tough time finding the blue airplane but she found it after an hour of roaming about. She was feeling very generous so she got two children’s bikes too, one purple and the other blue. She loved her sister’s children like they were hers and she felt she didn’t spoil them enough!

For some hours, she forgot about the case and Paul, her thoughts were with her family. She wanted to do more, like get a cake or order for drinks but her sister and mom were best at planning a party and no stone was left unturned by them. She decided to buy gifts for her parents, sister and her sister’s husband. She entered the adult shop and got each of them a gift hoping it would remind all of them she loved them.

She put everything in her car and drove to the delivery agency she used. They were perfect in wrapping and delivering gifts in a beautiful way. She called the magician her sister requested for and asked if he was free, he said he wasn’t free but he would do it because Ola was a good client. He, however, said he would be there around four if it was okay with Ola. She said it was cool and promised to pay his money before the end of the day. She gave the gifts to the agency after registering and paying for the service.

Paul wished he knew the road like his cab driver. They met with lots of traffic on the way but the man kept going into one street after another and in no time they got to the station. He collected his car and drove to his office which was not too far from the police station. He was very hungry as he had forgotten everything when he was with Ola. He ordered for a meal as he typed all he knew about the case on in his computer. He laughed when he got to how they blackmailed the doctor and it made him feel adventurous. He remembered the sweet boy too and that reminded him of the party he was invited too.

He logged on to Facebook and searched for Ola. She wasn’t hard to find but her page gave nothing away about her private life. He wasn’t looking for her anyway, he was looking for her sister. He got her name and sent her a request with a note.

“Hi. I’m Paul the guy who will marry your sister if everything goes well. Add me up please.”

He hit the send button before he had time to think off what he wrote! Did I just commit myself? Oh no! His food arrived and he forgot everything for a while.

…to be continued…



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