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            THE smoke from the tub had created a fog in the clove and it seemed like the guy was walking towards her in slow motion. He wore nothing but a pair of shorts. His black skin glistened and you could see his bulging muscles. He looked like a Roman god. Joy knew she should …

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            JOY gave the aspirin to her visitor and threw two into her own mouth. She wanted to get water but she thought, “what the hell?!” and washed down the drugs with the remaining cocktail in her cup. She was going to drop her cup in the sink when she felt dizzy. She quickly grabbed …

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            JOY took her steps carefully, the steps were moving just so they could confuse her and make her look drunk but she has gotten their trick! She saw her ex-husband standing at the bottom of the stairs. He was looking up at her pitifully. Why was he looking at her like that? She didn’t …

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            THANK goodness that was the last animal for the day. Everyone knew he didn’t take clients on Thursdays except for an emergency and special cases. He packed his equipment and had a quick shower to get off the animals’ hair and scent. He loved his job but not as much as he loved his …

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                FIRST of all, let me say I AM SORRY! I took more time than I asked for and I want to thank you all for your patience! I got your emails, texts, BB-messages, calls and Facebook messages! As many were very concern about my wellbeing, so too many were angry with me! There’s …

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4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND. 31 (+18)

            …Bitches! Thieves! Joy killers! Witches! Happiness snatchers! You all should beware! Run as fast as you can because I’m coming for you! You ain’t taking what belongs to me! I will fight for what I want and win too! You can’t take away my love! These were the words going through my mind and …

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4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND. 30 (+18)

              …‘Don’t cry Sandra, please. He’s sorry. He loves you. Please.’ Mariam said rocking me gently. I wanted to scream, wail, but I couldn’t. Somehow I wasn’t angry. I wasn’t mad at Habib, I was just hurt, scared and confused. I stood up slowly and everyone stood up too. I looked at Habib in …

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4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND. 29 (+18)

            …‘Not if darling, when! That reminds me, send me your account number.’ ‘For what?’ ‘For what? Am I not supposed to have my girlfriend’s account details? I have to send you the food stuff money now!’ ‘I can handle that one, don’t worry! Now let’s go!’ ‘Hmmmm! If you don’t send the account number …

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4girls, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND. 28 (+18)

          …There were four other girls in the reception area talking quietly with the three receptionists and I knew they were talking about me. Two well-dressed men were also sitting at a corner. The girls looked surprised when they saw us. ‘And what are you all doing here?’ He asked nobody in particular. They scuffled off. …

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4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND. 27 (+18)

            …‘Arh! Chief! You see why I can’t have you around? You will just spoil me rotten! Thanks Chief but it’s not necessary, I can take care of myself. God bless you real good for me though. I was very scared you will be angry and collect the car back!’ I spilled out not meaning …

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4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND. 26 (+18)

            …And I cut the phone stunned! There it was. The words I desperately wanted to hear. The three most powerful words that could bring the most powerful beings to their knees. My heart lifted. Mariam’s method might be extreme but it worked very fast! He was so excited about me visiting him in his …

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4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND. 24 (+18)

            …’Well, after all said and done, I’ll like to make a toast.’ I said and went to the kitchen to get the cups and wine. When all cups were filled and raised, I said; ‘Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves; …

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4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND. 23 (+18)

            …I entered the sitting room and Habib was standing holding a bowl of ice cream in one hand and the hairdryer in the other hand. ‘Ice cream or hairdryer? Which do you want first?’ He asked and I knew what I chose didn’t matter, we were going to end up in his bed either …

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