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          …‘Not if darling, when! That reminds me, send me your account number.’

‘For what?’

‘For what? Am I not supposed to have my girlfriend’s account details? I have to send you the food stuff money now!’

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‘I can handle that one, don’t worry! Now let’s go!’

‘Hmmmm! If you don’t send the account number now now, we won’t leave this house! Be reasonable, I can’t give you cash every time I need to give you money! Come on, be reasonable and don’t be stubborn! You will be late for work oo.’ He said killing the engine. He was serious!

‘You are a bully really!’ I said sending my account details to his phone as a text message.

‘Done!’ I said trying to keep my face straight. I wasn’t angry, in fact, I was happy.

‘Wait! Let me confirm it!’ He said smiling and working on his phone.

‘You are unbelievable! Grow up!’ I said crossing my arms across my chest.

‘Thank you!’ He said pushing his tongue in my face and started the car. He looked at me and I rolled my eyes at him.

‘I will take you back inside and fuck you for the rest of the day if you roll your eyes at me one more time!’ He said daring me. I wanted to do it again but I feared it was a truth and not a dare. I faced front.


          If I had known that starting your day with sex with someone you love was the key to a good day then I would have fallen in love a long time ago! I was having a stressless day and I was happy. I have been patient with everybody and everything just seemed to be going fine. I thought I was the only one in good moods until I entered Ada’s office during lunch break! Ada was glowing and all smiles. First, I was trying to imagine why she looked happy then I remembered myself and I gasped!

‘Arh! Ada! You had sex with Ademola!’ I said grabbing her! She gasped at my audacity.

‘Demola told you!’ She asked almost angrily but she wasn’t truly angry. I could see it in her face. I laughed in her face.

‘No! I’ve not spoken with him since the last time he was here! That reminds me, I need to call him!’

‘So how did you know?’ She said now curious.

‘Because you are glowing! You are all smiles and you have that gilt I had in my eyes the first time I slept with Habib and the one I have right now on my face!’ I said giggling.

‘Arh! I see! Oh Sandra! It was wonderful! It was different! I really can’t describe it! I mean…’

‘Don’t bother to describe it because I know exactly how you feel! Guess what?’


‘He said the words two days ago and gave me the keys to his house this morning!’

‘Oh my God! Are you kidding me? He said “I love you” first and gave you keys to his house? Wow! He really means business!’

‘Yes he does! God! I’m so happy! I never knew this could happen to me! I’m so happy but I feel like everything is happening so fast that it scares me sometimes.’ I said putting my fears in words.

‘Come on girl! Nothing is happening so fast. When you meet the right person, everything will go accordingly! As I’m seeing me and Demola self, we may get married this year because he loves me crazy already! I’ve found a good thing and no way I’m letting him out of my sight! I’m giving it all it takes this time!’ she said seriously and I laughed at her seriousness.

‘I feel you girl! Oh God! Please clear away the bitches in our lovers’ path!’ I said putting my hands together in front of me in a prayer form.

‘Bitches? I’m not leaving him if any bitch comes along! I will fight for what I want and crush them to pieces! Ain’t running anymore! Wait oo! Did you just get this bracelet? I’ve never seen it before!’ She asked examining and admiring my wrist.

‘Nope! Habib gave it to me this morning!’

‘This is beautiful! He sure knows how to spoil you! I’m jealous! Babes, help your sister out now. Tell Ade to buy it for me too so we can have it together!’ She pleaded.

‘Jealousy, jealousy! Anyways! I will try my best but you can tell him yourself oo! He won’t say no. The break is almost over and we haven’t eaten anything yet! You better let’s go for lunch!’

‘Let’s go but babes, don’t forget oo. You know…’ And she continued cajoling me until I made a promise to hint Ademola to buy her one.


          I was working on a difficult client file and I needed all the concentrations I could get. So I silenced my phone but not until I talked to Habib. He sounded somehow distant on the phone like he didn’t want someone to know who he was talking to, but I put it off my mind. He might be in an important meeting. I decided I was going to surprise him tonight with a homemade soup.

I finished with the file I was treating around three and I decided to check my phone. Mukaila my mechanic had called me ten times! I quickly called him back.

Sandra: Hello Mukaila. I missed your calls.

Mukaila: I don dey call you since oo. I don see person wey wan buy your car and the person ready now now.

Sandra: Arh! Mukaila! How can someone be ready to buy a car he’s never seen before?

Mukaila: No be so Aunty Sandra. He be car dealer and he don dey see the car for my yard teytey. He come today dey look for your car model, I come tell am say you wan sell your own. So if he go fit inspect am today and you gree price, he go pay today.

Sandra: Okay! But I’m still at work oo. Ehm. Can he wait for like thirty minutes or an hour? I should be at your workshop around that time.

Mukaila: Wait make I ask am… Him go fit wait.

Sandra: Okay. Thank you.

I cleared my table and left my office. As I was entering my car Mariam called me.

Mariam: Hello sweetheart! How are you?

Sandra: I’m good bae. What’s up?

Mariam: I’m around your office! Can I drop by? I want to show you some stuff.

Sandra: Awww! I’m about leaving my office. How far away are you?

Mariam: About ten minutes. I’m at the complex not far from your office. That MAX complex.

Sandra: Great! Wait for me there but we have to make it fast ’cause I have an appointment.

Mariam: No problem.


          So I drove to where Mariam was. She was already waiting for me in the parking lot. We exchanged pleasantries and she shoved a box of jewelry in my hands and told me to choose three jewelry for her. I asked for what occasion and she told me. I chose the ones I liked and thought suitable for the event.

‘I thought as much. Those are the ones I liked too!’

‘Great! I have to go.’ I made to go to my car and she followed me looking sad.

‘Can’t we just grab ice cream and pizza before you go? I’ve gist for you oo!’

‘I wish I can stay but…’ So I told her the reason I couldn’t stay and trust Mariam to have a solution for everything but not before questioning me.

‘Why do you want to sell your car?’ She questioned.

‘I’m just tired of it. I want to buy another one.’

‘You don’t need to sell it. Habib can buy you another one if you want. He has done less for girls he didn’t love!’

‘Nooo! I don’t need two cars and I can do this on my own!’

‘Strange girl! You have a rich boyfriend and you don’t want him to buy things for you! Anyways, have you told him you want to sell at least?’

‘No, I took the decision two days ago and I didn’t know the mechanic will find a buyer this soon but I will tell him tonight.’

‘He won’t like it! He will not like you taking cabs! If you don’t want trouble, buy another one first and if he asked why, just tell him you sold it because it was giving you too much trouble! Okay?’

‘Okay ma! Can I go now?’

‘Me I don’t have anything I’m doing now. I can follow you. In fact, I need to follow you! How will you carry the money if you sell it today?’

‘Mariam, I can’t collect cash, that will be dangerous. They will have to pay the money into my account.’

‘Okay! But you still need a ride! Let’s stop wasting time and go jare.’

‘Okay! Let’s go!’

‘Wait. Give me the details of this car so I can google it and know the price we will sell it for! You have to be smart or else!’ So I gave her the car details and led the way and she drove behind me.


          The traffic was starting to build up but we got there before the hour I gave ran out. Mukaila introduced the man to me and he began inspecting the engine, then he moved to the interior and the body.

‘Shebi I I tell you Oga, Na tear rubber she buy am and he never reach two years self! You see say he still neat!’ Mukaila said to the car dealer.

‘I can see that but do you have the paperwork here?’ The car dealer asked me.

‘I have the photocopies here if we agree you can get it tomorrow.’ I told him and gave him the car papers. He checked it too and said everything was in other.

‘So madam, how much is it last?’

‘Two point eight.’

‘Arh madam! That’s too much. I’m also going to resell it now! I will do some things in and on it now. Two million nko?’

‘Two wetin? Do you think she’s selling because she has a problem? No! She’s selling because she just got a bigger car and she doesn’t need two cars! So the car can stay at home oo! It doesn’t eat! They sell tokunbo of this car three point five to three point two in the market! Or do you think we don’t know what we’re selling? She has come down for you because she’s supposed to say three million self. So it’s two point eight last.’ Mariam argued for me.

‘Arh madam, take it easy now. You know I will work on the car, I will pay for the parking spot, I will pay the boys and pay the agent that brings the buyer and your boy must chop too. Please sell for two point five last. Please.’ He pleaded. Left to me I would have collected the money but Mariam wouldn’t allow me.

‘Oga, that’s your business. Someone was ready to buy it for two point seven-fifty earlier today and he’s still begging to buy it. We will go and sell to that one. I thought you will pay higher than that and that’s why I told her to come here. Sandra let’s go.’ She bluffed turning around. I had no choice than to follow her. Where did a rich girl acquire such bargaining skill? I wondered. We hadn’t taken three steps towards our cars when the guy called us back.

‘Madam! Please wait. You see, I have a good customer who’s interested in this car and I don’t want to lose him. So let me pay two point seven last. That’s the last I can do.’ He said and Mariam was about to say something when I quickly stepped in.

‘I will sell it because of Mukaila that brought you. So when are you paying? As she has said, there’s another interested buyer.’

‘Do you want cash or a check?’

‘Neither! I will give you my account number and the branch you will pay it into. Once my account office confirms he has the money, you can come for the car.’

‘Okay madam. Please give me your account number and I will pay the money before the close of work tomorrow. Please ma, I will need you to be available to do change of owner papers when I sell the car.’

‘That’s not a problem. Give me your number so I can forward my account details to you.’ So we exchanged numbers but trust Mariam to say something.

‘The deal is off the table if you don’t pay tomorrow ooo.’ She threatened the poor guy. She was used to manipulating people and getting what she wanted that I was scared she would send the buyer away!

‘He go pay am madam. He be my good customer too.’ Mukaila who had been silent throughout the negotiation answered for the man.

‘No problem. Mukaila, come with me.’ He followed me and I gave him ten thousand and promised him fifty thousand more when the deal was done. He thanked me very much.

‘Mariam! Where did you learn to bargain like that?’ I asked her immediately we were alone.

‘From my mom and didn’t you know I’m a chartered accountant? Once you are informed about your product, then you can sell them for a good price! Also, you have to learn to bluff with a poker face! So what’s my share oo?’ She asked laughing. I knew she didn’t need it but still I offered her ten percent!

‘You are too nice! People will reap you off like that! Anyways, where to now? Can we go get pizza and ice cream to celebrate?’

‘Well, I was going to shop for food for your brother and cook him soup but I can do that tomorrow, let’s go have pizza.’

‘Habib will kill me if he ever finds out I took you for pizza instead of letting you cook for him! He has warned me oo! So let’s go and cook for him! Do you know his favorite soup?’ She asked me obviously ready to tell me. I shook my head and she told me.

‘Okra! He loves okra with lots of seafood and ponmo!’ She announced like she was telling me the winning numbers of a lottery ticket.

‘Thanks sister! Let’s go shopping then!’

‘You see? I told you! You need me! I wish we can get rid of your car so that we can be together in my car!’ She sulked going to her car. I must have done some good somehow for God to bless me with this kind of love from my boyfriend’s sister! We went shopping and we got plenty of foodstuffs and lots of seafood for his favorite okra soup. We loaded everything in Mariam’s car and we headed home, this time, Mariam led the way and I followed her. Thank goodness we were driving against traffic because it was almost seven and the traffic was much at the other side of the road.


          Mariam opened the gate and we drove in. We were both surprised to see Habib’s jeep in the compound. I thought he took a different car to work because he has many but Mariam insisted he was home. She wanted us to surprise him and she told me to let’s use the kitchen door. We carried two bags each and entered the house through the kitchen. Mariam went back for the remaining two bags and I wandered into the sitting room.

An uneasy feeling took over me and it felt like something wasn’t right then everything started happening in a slow motion.

A girl wearing panty and bra with Habib’s shirt over it came out of the guest room and she was about sitting down when she saw me. We stared at each other for a while then she asked me;

‘Who are you? How did you get in here? Habib!’ She asked but I couldn’t say anything and it was at that moment Mariam came in.

‘Babe, I told you…’ She was saying when she saw the girl too?

‘Who the fuck are you?!’ She screamed and it was then Habib came out of the same room just with his boxers on. I lost the use of my legs and I staggered till my back hit a wall and I slipped to the floor watching everything but couldn’t utter a word. It was like I was thrown into a movie scene. I could see and hear everything but I couldn’t do anything about the drama going on.

‘Habib! Are you crazy?’ I heard Mariam screamed at Habib.

‘It’s not what it looks like. I can explain please.’ He said walking towards me.

‘Don’t you dare go near her!’ Mariam said blocking his way and I was grateful for that. I didn’t want him near me.

‘Who’s is this bitch and what’s she doing here? Habib! How dare you? I can’t believe this! Am I dreaming? Who’s this slut?’ Mariam kept shouting.

‘Stop calling me a bitch! I am Habib’s…’ She was saying when I heard;

‘SHUT UP!’ From both Habib and Mariam.

‘Mariam listen, please! Let me talk to Sandra! She’s an old friend who caught me unaware. I’m sorry please.’

‘No! First of all, tell this-this-this devil to get out of this house! Now!’

‘Hey! Who are you…’ The girl was saying and she got the same response as the last time.

‘GET OUT!’ They both screamed. Habib went into the guest room and Mariam ran to my side. She slipped to the floor beside me and held me.

‘Baby it’s not what you think. I’m sure he can explain this. Please don’t give up on him. Please say something. Sandra, please don’t cry. I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry! My God! This is the devil testing your love. Mariam please say something.’ I could hear everything. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t. I was numb from head to toe. It felt like a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. Habib came out of the room with clothes, shoe, and bag and shoved everything in the girl’s hands pushing her to the door. The girl was protesting and cursing but Habib didn’t stop till she was out of the door.


          As he walked towards me, I felt like a wall was closing down on me. I felt suffocated and I couldn’t breathe. He stood a few feet away from where Mariam and I were on the floor and knelt down.

‘Sandra please look at me. I can explain. I have no excuse but I can explain. I’m sorry baby. I love you. It’s you I love. Please just look at me.’ He pleaded and I raised my head slowly. Our eyes locked and tears started rolling down my cheeks. My Mariam hugged me and started crying too.

‘Don’t cry Sandra, please. He’s sorry. He loves you. Please.’ Mariam said rocking me gently. I wanted to scream, wail, but I couldn’t. Somehow I wasn’t angry. I wasn’t mad at Habib, I was just hurt, scared and confused. I stood up slowly and everyone stood up too. I looked at Habib in the eyes, he was truly sorry, pained and afraid. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t say anything. I looked at Mariam, she was angry and pained too. I wanted to hug her and tell her I love her for fighting for me but I couldn’t either. I turned towards the door and I walked slowly out of the house. I heard footsteps coming after me and I looked back, it was Habib.

‘Don’t…’ I said quietly but clearly. Somehow I had found my voice but it didn’t sound like mine.

‘Sandra please don’t go. Let’s talk ab…’ He was saying but I spoke again;

‘No!’ This time I said it louder and as I walked out of the house, I heard Mariam told him;

‘Let her go! As you lay your bed, so you lie on it.’

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