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4GIRLS, 4BOYS, 1WEEKEND. 10 (+18)


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          …‘Ghhmm ghhmm!’ I had forgotten we were in a bar! I wanted to take my lips away immediately but Ope wouldn’t allow me. He released my lips slowly and looked into my eyes with powerful passion in them, and then kissed my forehead. He draped his hand over my shoulder drawing me closer to him and looked up to the smiling waitress.

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‘Sorry to interrupt you sir. Here’s your snail sir, ma. Enjoy!’ She went away still smiling. She must have seen countless of couples kissing here.

‘I’ve something better to eat than these snails. Shall we take it home and eat later?’ He asked me with raw passion in his eyes. I was so wet I was afraid to stand up. His hand wandered to my thighs and I couldn’t say no.

‘Okay. Let’s leave!’ I said huskily. He was about to signal to the waitress for our bill when the music stopped and the musician announced.

‘Excuse me ladies and gentlemen. I’ve just been informed that we have a new couple in our midst! As you all know it is our tradition here to dedicate a song to any newcomer. To the lovebirds at the corner, this is for you!’ I felt like disappearing as all eyes turned towards us and applauded us. Ope pecked my ear saying;

‘Smile.’ I obeyed automatically. We waved and smiled at everyone who caught our eyes. The band started playing Ebenezer Obey’s evergreen ‘Baby mi jowo’ and the crowd started cheering;

‘Dance! Dance!! Dance!!!’ Ope stood up, extended his right hand to me and asked;

‘May I have this dance milady?’ As if I have a choice!

‘Yes milord!’,I said rising up. I put my right hand in his and we walked to the front of the band. He took me in his arms and we rocked slowly to the song. I felt contented. Now I know what it felt like to date a man of your tribe. We could enjoy the same music, I could speak my tongue without translating. Usman would never have brought me to this kind of place and if he did, I won’t enjoy it because of him. The music finished and everyone clapped for us again, Ope took out his purse and gave the musician some #1000 notes, I couldn’t say how much exactly.

We went back to our seat and he signaled to the waitress.

‘Can I have my bill?’ The waitress produced it.

‘Please pack these snails for us.’ He told the waitress and breathed into my ears.
‘Having you in my arms has made me horny beyond bearable.’ He took my hand and put it on the zipper of his pant trouser and pressed it down. I felt his dick hard beneath my palm.

‘You have done this to me, I may have to fuck you in the car!’ he threatened. I didn’t know if it was the shrimps, the wine, the fish or his words but I was aroused beyond my comprehension and was ready to be adventurous.

‘Is that a threat?’ I whispered into his ear too, making sure my tongue brushed his ear. His breathing struggled out of his nose. He was about to say something when the waitress returned with our wrapped snails. He paid her giving her a generous tip. She thanked us and we left hand in hand.

He opened the car with the remote before we got to it. He opened the door of the passenger side for me to step in and closed the door after me before taking his seat behind the wheel. He slammed his mouth on mine immediately he closed his door. This kiss was not passionate, it was hot and filled with his sexual frustration. He was taking and giving at the same time. His right hand dwelled into my short skirt and squeezed my left thighs while his left hand caressed my right breast, we were both moaning. He kissed me all over my face and as he was heading towards my cleavage, a car’s headlight shone into the car.

‘Fuck! Let’s go home!’ He murmured. We drove home in total silence at high-speed, though his hand hardly left my thigh and my hand never left his thigh. The sexual urge in the car could tempt a pope! We got to a house and he honked, the gateman opened the gate and we drove into his compound and he said.

‘Here we are, as much as I want to fuck you in this car, I can’t, I have nosy neighbors.’ I gave a throaty laugh, it was seductive. He eyed me dangerously and said;

‘Let’s get down before I change my mind!’ I quickly stepped out of his car and he helped carry my box to his apartment. I thought he was going to jump me immediately we were indoors but he didn’t.

‘Can you imagine that?’ She asked us, we that were listening raptly to her tales! We all shook our heads but Amanda asked,

‘So wetin come happen?’ So Koyin continued with her tales.

‘He showed me around his apartment and it was fine, I was fascinated by his couch, it was so wide! It would be a good place to sleep and make love, then he took me to his room.’

‘Girls! There’s no way you would see that bed and you wouldn’t want to get ravished on it’ Koyin said to us.

‘Hhunnnmmm!’ We echoed and she continued.

Then he asked if I would like to eat, I said no and thought to myself. “Why was he taking it slow when all I wanted was to be rushed? Nawa, guys are unpredictable sha!” Koyin said and we all giggled.

‘Darling, I’m sure you wanna shower?’ He asked.

‘Yes.’ I said.

‘Okay, let’s go!’ Yippee! At least, we were moving closer to my expectations but what happened next was beyond my expectation. I was about to remove my dress when he said calmly;

‘No. Don’t. Let me take care of you.’ I didn’t really understand him until he came behind me and unzipped my dress slowly, kissing the parts he exposed. I felt dizzy, I closed my eyes and my head dropped to my chest. He got to where the zipper ended; at the beginning of my buttocks and he knelt down behind me and rolled my dress off me. Thank God I had the same pair of pant and bra on! I heard him sighed.

‘You are beautiful Koyin.’ He said with a deep voice I couldn’t recognize. I wanted to say thank you but I couldn’t find my voice as his lips closed on my left buttock.

‘Aarssh!’ I said involuntarily. He held my waist with both hands, caressing me gently and I stretched my hands out to hold the wall for support as the sensation grew.

‘Hhmgh! Arshe! Oiwer! Isshe!’ I moaned as he continued eating away at my buttocks. I didn’t know when my panties got rolled to my ankles but I could remember stepping out of them. He ran his hands all over my legs before standing up.

He turned me around to face him, our eyes were heavy with passion. He slipped a finger in my bra just at my shoulder, drawing the hand down and repeated the action on the other hand and unhooked my bra like an expect. My throbbing breast fell to freedom. He admired me for some seconds then took both breasts in his hands. I staggered back to the wall for support, he played with my breast, taunting my nipples with his fingers. Rolling, pressing, pulling gently at my nipple. The excitement was intense and I couldn’t take it anymore.

‘Please…’ I whispered but to my horror he stopped. Didn’t he know that stop meant don’t stop? I was about to say something when he gathered me in his arms and carried me like a baby to the bathroom. He sat me down on the bathroom stool and opened the water taps to fill the bathtub, he then undressed himself leaving his boxers on.

Damn! Ojoro cancel! How could he see me naked and then hide his own penis? He added liquid soap to the water, he ran his hands in it bringing out bubbles. He carried me again and laid me in the bathtub.

“Guy, I fit work!” I wanted to tell him but I kept shut. I said to myself instead;
“Koyin, Let thou be pampered!”

‘Relax baby let me take care of you.’ He said. I rested my head on the headrest of the tub but didn’t close my eyes. I watched as he drew the stool I sat on earlier closer to the tub. He smiled at me as he soaked the sponge, I smiled back as he went to work on my body. He started from my neck, washing gentle or should I say seductively? He washed my arm, my chest, my cleavage and then my breasts moving from one to the other. He teased my nipples with the sponge and the sensation was killing me! I stretched more comfortably in the tub, enjoying the feeling he was arousing in me. He washed downwards, my tummy, my abdomen and then he spread my thighs. He looked at me, I licked my lips, he wash my kitty with the sponge but suddenly, the sponge disappeared and it was his hands washing me.

‘Weeeeh!’ We all sighed. Every girl has a lost expression on their face.

He didn’t take his eyes off me but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. He moved close to my ears and said again;

‘Let go baby. Relax and enjoy it.’ I obeyed.

I did as he suggested, I relaxed as he massaged my clitoris. He stood up from the stool and knelt down beside me. He played with my nipples with his left hand while his right hand worked on my clitoris, I moaned.

‘Issh! Arsshe! Oowwhsh!, I spread wider, I raised my left leg over the bathtub, my left hand held the tub while my right hand held on to his shoulder. He slipped a finger into my pussy, going in and out, then slipped in two fingers. I screamed as he hit my sweet spot, all the while, his thumb never left my clitoris. I kept on screaming while he worked on me. Then I felt it coming, I raised my hips to meet his finger.

‘Hmmhmmm! Hmhmmm! Arrshhh! Oohhhiiissshhh! Aaarrrhhhh!’ I groaned as I climaxed. He removed his hands from my vagina and breast and came to kiss me. He kissed me till I stopped shaking. I felt boneless, I felt like sleeping. I didn’t bother to open my eyes while he continued with the bathing. I felt his hands coming behind my back and ankle. I draped my hands on his shoulders as he carried me to the bed. He dropped me on the bed and dried me with a very soft towel.

‘Stay here babe. Let me shower. I’ll be right back.’ He said while he kissed my forehead. He went to the bathroom and before he came back, I had recovered from the mind-blowing climax. I am a strong believer of “do me I do you” policy so I had plans for Opeyemi when he came out of the bathroom. He had a white towel wrapped around his waist. I moved closer to him as he walked towards me. he was going to kiss me but I moved away before he could kiss me, I dropped to my knees in front of him and took away his towel. His dick sprang free.

‘I don’t intend to be a kiss and tell but girls, eru niyo! His dick is beautiful; not too big, but thick and very smooth. The kind that makes your mouth water!’ I confirmed to my friends. I held it and…

‘Wait!’ Bimpe said ‘I no fit hold this piss again, I need to go to the bathroom!


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Alright guys, I need your help. Just before we get into 4-4-1 please I need you to follow this link. Please like and share this video. I need it to go viral because it’s something bothering me. Thanks very much! If I get enough share today, I will give you another episode today!




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…To be continued…

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